The City of Concord, its legal representatives, employees, contractors, agents and the Commissioner cannot provide legal advice to you regarding the purchase of tax foreclosure property listed on this site. Any questions pertaining to the title, conveyance documentation, all procedures and the authority to sell real property, please consult with an attorney of your choosing.

The City of Concord is a North Carolina municipal corporation offers the following properties for sale to the General Public. All properties are sold as is, where is, and without warranty as to the title and inhabitability of the properties shown. The City, nor the Commissioner has completed, nor contracted with any party, to perform a real property appraisal, mechanical or structural inspections, and/or a current survey of any of the real properties described below. The properties listed as is, where is, without warranties.

The City of Concord and the Commissioner encourage and recommend that all prospective Bidders consult an attorney regarding the purchase of any property listed on this website. The Bidders will be responsible for conducting their own title search prior to bidding on any of the properties listed areon this website.

The City of Concord and the Commissioner advertises tax foreclosure properties under the heading of “Notice of Sale,” at the Cabarrus County Courthouse, www.concordnc,gov, on the site of the real property, and in the Independent Tribune (Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday).

All Tax Foreclosure Sales take place at the steps of the Cabarrus County Courthouse, rain or shine. If you procure the outstanding bid on the property, the Commissioner will require a 20% deposit paid to the Commissioner. The 20% deposit can be in the form of (1) cash, (2) certified funds check, or (3) money order. NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

The highest bid will be posted at the Courthouse for any upset bid for 10 full days after the date of the filing of the Report of Sale. If the current bid is upset within those 10 days, then the new bid will be posted for an additional 10 days. Once the bid has survived the 10 day upset bid period as posted on the Report of Sale, then the final bid will be confirmed with the Court, on the request of the Commissioner. Once the Confirmation of Sale has been filed at the Courthouse, you will be notified by the Commissioner of the bid being awarded to you and will have thirty (30) days from the date of the Confirmation of Sale to deliver the remainder of the balance due plus an additional $26.00 for the recording of the deed. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.

Upon payment in full, the Commissioner will deliver to the final bidder a North Carolina Commissioner’s Deed. The Commissioner will record the deed for the bidder.

If you bid on a tax foreclosure property, you are obligated to purchase the property at your specific bid amount. If you decide to withdraw your bid at any time, your deposit WILL NOT be refunded to you. ALL PROPERTIES ARE SOLD AS IS, WHEREIS. The Bidder is SOLELY responsible for consulting with his own attorney and contracting with an attorney to perform a title search prior to bidding. The Commissioner nor the City of Concord will reimburse any Bidder for any attorney fees due to a Bidder’s legal counsel nor will either be responsible for the condition of any existing structures located on the properties. No exceptions will be made. 

The conditions listed above are not negotiable nor will they be waived.