Highlights of the August 13, 2009 Concord City Council Meeting
1. Approved a proposal from the Recreation Department and the Concord Rotary Club for the Rotary Club to construct a playground within McGee Park that is totally accessible to disabled children. The Concord Rotary Club proposed a community partnership to construct this playground facility for individuals with disabilities. The Rotary Club will raise the funds and construct the playground in McGee Park, while the City of Concord will provide the land and the on-going maintenance of the equipment and grounds. The equipment will supplement the existing City playground equipment located in the Park.
2. Adopted a Resolution and entered into a Municipal Maintenance Agreement with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) for the Computerized Traffic Signal System - The Council approved an agreement providing for City staff to take over the maintenance of the State traffic signals in Concord. City staff will be able to respond to issues more quickly and adjust the system locally to better accommodate traffic flow.  While the State reimbursement will not cover all the City's costs, the level of service and response should improve.
3. Entered into a Municipal Agreement with NCDOT to participate in the planning and construction of an extension of the George W. Liles Pkwy from Weddington Rd. (SR-1304) to Roberta Rd. (SR-1431).  This agreement provides for the City of Concord to up-front $10,767,000 in FY 2012 to allow NCDOT to begin this much needed $38,000,000 road project earlier than scheduled in the State Transportation Improvement Plan. The agreement provides for the State to pay the money back to the City, plus an inflation adjustment factor, in FY 2015.  This project will not only provide for a direct connection between Concord Parkway (US 29) and I-85, it will make the Philip Morris and other business properties in the area more accessible for job creation.  The Council approved the agreement contingent upon receiving commitments from the adjacent major property owners to donate right-of-way.

4. Received reports from Greenways Incorporated on the development of new pedestrian and bicycle trails.  Greenways Incorporated provided an up-date on possible trail alignments for the Rocky River Greenway, Phase One in advance of the next public meeting.  They also reported on the revisions to the trails portion of the Livable Community Blueprint and revisions to include a Master Plan for the Carolina Thread Trail in Cabarrus County.
5. Amended Chapter 42 of the City of Concord Code of Ordinances to limit yard sales. This amendment regulates yard sales by limiting the number held at a commercial or public site or home to three per year. Penalties will begin at $25 for the first violation. A second offense will result in a $50.00 penalty and any third or subsequent offense will result in a penalty of $250.00 per violation.
6. Amended Chapter 62 of the Concord City Code entitled "Water and Wastewater Utilities to limit lawn irrigation." Concord continues to be a leader among NC local governments in water conservation. During dry periods, water consumption can double due to irrigation of lawns during grass growing season. The U.S. Geological Survey has shown that outdoor water use can range from over half of total household water use during peak use months - June, July and August - to nil during the winter months.  This change amends the ordinance so outdoor irrigation is permitted three days per week during non-drought conditions, on a permanent basis. The change will not impact the current irrigation schedule of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  All other outdoor water uses are permitted at all times during non-drought conditions but conservation is strongly encouraged.  For more information see attached press release or go to

7. Amended Chapter 62, Water and Wastewater Utilities, of the City Code to require a separate water meter for an in ground irrigation system.  A new state law requires that any new in ground irrigation system must now have a separate water meter. This change was adopted to incorporate this requirement into Concord's City Code.
8. Amended the City of Concord Code of Ordinances to prohibit the slaughter of any cattle, sheep, goats, domestic fowl, or swine. The City Code was amended to prohibit anyone from raising and slaughtering any of the above unless operating a recognized and licensed slaughterhouse, butcher shop, or farm. The fine for any unlawful slaughtering of animals will be $500.
9. Conducted a public hearing and adopted an ordinance for the annexation of a parcel of land owned by the East Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, located at 5140 Rocky River Road. The Council acted to annex this property located near Rocky River Elementary School and bring it into the City limits of Concord at the request of the property owner. 
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