1. The pledge of Allegiance and presentation of flags was provided by the Poplar Tent Presbyterian Church Cub Scout Pack 38.


2. The Transportation Department was presented the City's Productivity Improvement Team (PIT Crew) award for their work. In December 2007, the Federal Highway Administration established standards for minimum retroreflectivity levels for traffic signs.  Higher visibility has proven to reduce the incidence and severity of crashes and damage to those vehicles.  After assessing our existing approach towards sign retroreflectivity, staff was able to determine a lack of information regarding the sign inventory, minimal technical expertise in determining retroreflectivity, and poor performance of the signs themselves. Rather than contracting out for the testing and replacement of the signs, staff worked more efficiently to complete the work in-house while still doing their own jobs, at an estimated savings to the City of $1.1 million over the 5 years of implementation. 

Joe Wilson, Transportation Director, Del Eudy, Transportation Coordinator, and Mike Poole, GIS Analyst received the award.


3. Continued a public hearing regarding adopting the Preliminary Assessment Roll for a Sanitary Sewer Collection System Extension into The Mills Subdivision – Continued to December 10th Council Meeting


4. Amended Article 12, Signs, of the Concord Development Ordinance In July staff was contacted by a school located in a residential area that wanted to install a ground mounted sign with a manual changeable copy board in order to notify parents of school related news; however, the school already had an existing ground mounted sign. The school discussed with staff the need for schools and others such as churches, with multiple frontages to be able to communicate with parents and staff.


After review of the ordinance, staff agreed to recommend to Council to allow more than one ground mounted sign as long as there were no problems with the surrounding area.


5Recognized the Covington Homeowners Association into the City's Recognized Neighborhood Program. Covington is a development located off Pitts School Road. The neighborhood is approximately ten years old with currently about 434 households.


6. Recognized the Oxford Commons Homeowners Association into the City's Recognized Neighborhood Program. Oxford Commons is a townhome development located off Pitts School Road. The neighborhood is approximately five years old with currently about 85 households. This brings the total City of Concord recognized neighborhood to 41.


7. Approved an agreement with NCDOT for the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) grant funding for Phase II of the Downtown Connector Greenway and adopted a related budget ordinance amendment. Funding will complete the Downtown Connector project including improvements to McCachern Blvd. between Cabarrus Ave. and Corban Ave. with bicycle and pedestrian facility improvements and safety and traffic flow improvements, the narrowing of street widths, construction of bump outs and bicycle lanes, traffic pattern modifications and on-street parking.


8. Authorized the City Manager to negotiate and execute a contract with Mulkey, Inc. for engineering services for the replacement of the Burrage Road Bridge.  City has received approval from NCDOT to move forward with the engineering services for this project.  The contract  is with Mulkey, Inc. for $332,739.43


9. Adopted a resolution requesting distribution of state funds appropriated for the Concord Stream Restoration Project and request future appropriations sufficient to fund the total project. The General Assembly has appropriated $432,500 for the State’s contribution toward the Concord Stream Restoration project.  This State money and dollars generated from the Concord Stormwater Fund will be used to match Federal grants for the project. While $432,500 is available now, a total of $1,099,000 will eventually be needed from the State to fund the entire project. The resolution verifies that the City will provide its share of the money to start the initial phases and is requesting the larger amount for the entire project.


10. Authorized the City Manager to negotiate a contract with Insituform Technologies, Inc. for the rehabilitation of sewer lines using the cured-in-place method. The Wastewater department performs inspections of the City's sewer system on a yearly basis, and identifies lines that are in need of repair. This company uses a method that does not require digging up of the streets as it “slip lines” existing pipes. The lines identified for repaired this year total 10,889 linear feet of various pipe diameters.  This is an on-going City program to invest in the maintenance of existing infrastructure.


11. Approved the creation of a program to allow customers to donate money to provide assistance to persons on Concord's utility system whose financial circumstances limit their ability to maintain public utility services.  Staff is currently researching how to set up a program that will provide assistance to City of Concord citizens who are financially unable to pay their utility bill. The City hopes to contract with a nonprofit agency with an existing process to evaluate needs to distribute any funds collected. The money will be collected from the City's utility customers who are willing to donate to the program.  Plans are to have this in place early in the first quarter of 2010.


12. Set a special meeting date and time to hear presentations from each District 7 applicants. Eight eligible candidates submitted applications for the vacant District 7 seat. The special meeting date and time are November 23, 2009 at 5:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers located at 26 Union St. S.


The order of the presentations are as follows:

Starting at 5:00 p.m.

Debra Ann Winn

Josie Gambardella

John Sullivan

John Singler

Bob Prescott

John A. Sweat, Jr.

James Shepherd

Dione S. Mobley




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