1. Continued the public hearing to consider amending the Land Use Plan (map amendment) and the Concord Parkway / Warren C. Coleman Blvd. Small Area Plan (text amendment) in the area of Warren C. Coleman Blvd. and Cabarrus Avenue. The applicant, Habitat for Humanity, withdrew this request and plans to submit a new application for consideration in the future.
2. Conducted a public hearing and amended Concord Development Ordinance (CDO) Articles 8 and 14, and Concord City Code, Chapter VII, Section 18-295 relative to Electronic Gaming Operations. An emerging land use in Concord and other jurisdictions is "electronic gaming or sweepstakes operations." These uses are not defined as "gambling" in the General Statutes and the technology they utilize is legal according to recent court decisions. As a result of these rulings, it is in the best interest of the City to impose stringent regulations. In these businesses, patrons purchase an item of value (such as a pre-paid long distance phone card) which has a sweepstakes entry attached, similar to a sweepstakes entry connected to a sales receipt from a larger chain store or a restaurant. The patron then typically goes to a terminal or internet connection to reveal the outcome of the sweepstakes. Often, these terminals simulate a video game to give the patron the impression that they are playing a game as opposed to merely revealing the outcome. If the sweepstakes entry is a winner, the winnings can be collected at that time.
The revised ordinance allows these uses only in C-2 General Commercial zoning, subject to numerous standards. Some of these standards are a 500 foot separation from residential zoning, a 1,500 foot separation from other gaming operations and from certain public uses (such as cemeteries, schools, day cares, etc.), a 200 foot setback from major gateway roads for a distance of one mile from the point where the road enters the City limits. The Ordinance also limits the maximum number of computer terminals to twenty and sets the age as 18 and older and hours of operation limits, and a 180 day grace period for compliance with the requirements of the amendment. The City Code amendment approved by Council established a privilege license fee of $2,600 per location, with an additional $500 per machine.
3. Conducted a public hearing and amended the Concord Development Ordinance (CDO) Articles 12.2 and 14 to prohibit certain animated signage, including persons holding signs or persons costumed so as to function as a sign. In response to a complaint concerning the allowance of specific types of signage, the Legal Department requested minor amendments to the Concord Development Ordinance Articles 12 (Signs) and 14 (Definitions). The proposed changes act to further clarify the intent of the Ordinance's regulation of facsimile signage.
4. Approved a request from the Hispanic Learning Center. Representatives of the Hispanic Learning Center requested City support for a multi-cultural festival. This will involve closing Union Street between Cabarrus and Corban on Sunday, September 5, 2010 from 12:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. This will also include Means and Barbrick. The plan is to have a festival with sound stages, food vendors as well as arts and crafts.
5. Authorized the City Manager to negotiate and execute a construction contract for the Booker Drive Realignment. Bids were received on March 2, 2010 for the realignment of Booker Drive. Nine bids were received. Piedmont Asphalt Paving Co Inc. was the low bidder at $126,293.48.
6. Adopted a resolution authorizing the final version of the ground lease with Logan Gardens LLC. Staff negotiated this ground lease and related documents with the Douglas Group to enable the Douglas Group to construct The Villas at Logan Gardens, a 44 unit senior citizen apartment building to be built on the grounds of the former Logan High.
7. Offered Logan Day Care Center a new lease. If accepted, this new lease will expire in February 2020. The lease clarifies that the City is responsible only for the repair and maintenance of the roof, HVAC systems and building exterior.
8. Authorized the Parks and Recreation Department to apply for a Carolina Thread Trail Implementation Grant. Carolina Thread Trail's fundamental goal through the Implementation Grant program is to assist individual counties and municipalities in planning and implementing greenway systems that connect to neighboring communities and regionally significant attractions, resulting in a network of connected greenways, parks and preserved natural areas throughout the "Region" which includes Cabarrus County and Concord.
In December 2009, the Concord City Council passed a resolution in support of submitting an application for a Parks & Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF) grant for construction of the Rocky River Greenway Northwest Phase, a segment of the adopted CTT Master Plan. In January 2010, Concord Parks and Recreation (CPR) submitted a Letter of Interest to CTT to be considered for submission of an application for an implementation grant in 2010. On February 5, 2010, CPR was notified that they had been invited to submit an application for an implementation grant for the 2010 CTT cycle.
9. Consider authorizing City Manager to sign a contract addendum with CATS to operate the Concord Express Commuter Service for one additional year. The contract amount for the Concord Express Commuter Service is $119,733.00 for FY11. The system currently transports an average of 5500 passengers per month and still represents the most used express service operated by CATS.
10. Entered into a Municipal Agreement with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to participate in the consolidation, upgrade, and expansion of the US 29 signal system within the municipal limits of Concord (Project # U-4448 WBS Elements 37320.3.1). This project will involve filling in the gaps for existing fiber and upgrading cabinets and other infrastructure as needed. It will help create a network that allows for better communication and timing among signals for better traffic movement. Under the Municipal Agreement, the NCDOT will be responsible for preparing the environmental and/or planning documents, obtain any environmental permits, preparation of any plans, contractor specifications, and estimates needed for construction. The City will be responsible for contracting, construction, traffic control, construction engineering, and administration. The City will also be responsible for the adjustment and relocation of all utilities in conflict with this project.
11.  Authorized staff to apply for multiple grants from the Coca-
Cola/Keep America Beautiful Recycling Bin Grant Program. The program supports local community recycling programs by providing selected grant recipients bins for the collection of beverage container recyclables in public settings. This is an opportunity for Concord to procure beverage recycling bins for use on the Downtown Connector Greenway and associated parks. Staff will apply for both the "Bottle Bin" and "Slant Top" containers, in order to increase the likelihood of being awarded a grant.
12. Authorized staff to submit the proper paperwork to the NC Wildlife Commission requesting an extended Urban Archery season in the City of Concord. The North Carolina Wildlife Commission allows for an extended Urban Archery season for deer hunting in a municipality with the submission of the proper paperwork. Paperwork must to be submitted by April, 2010 in order to start the season in early 2011.  An ordinance change to cover the regulation of the Urban Archery program will be presented to Council at a later date.
13. Adopted City Council goals for FY 2010-2011. At the City Council's annual planning session held February 18-19, 2010, goals for the upcoming fiscal year were developed and are ready for adoption.
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