Racing with Google   
The City Council has authorized staff to proceed with an application with the city of Kannapolis for the Google broadband project.
 "A partnership between the City of Concord, City of Kannapolis and Google has the potential of providing high speed internet access for our community with many implications. Imagine all of our public schools interacting with other children across the state, nation, and the world.  Our hospital can contact other medical professionals via streaming media to learn and share important information. The possibilities are endless," commented Mayor Scott Padgett.
"Being selected as a Google fiber community would be a great win for Kannapolis and Concord," said Kannapolis Mayor Bob Misenheimer. "With the needs of the researchers on the NCRC to work remotely with colleagues literally from across the globe, having capabilities for fast network speeds would be a major selling point to potential companies and researchers considering Kannapolis."
Concordand Kannapolis are all about high speed.  We are the capital of the NASCAR Nation, after all.  We do everything ultra-fast.  Why not internet broadband?
 Business, government, and academic leaders are joining forces to bring the high speed test connection to Concord and Kannapolis, NC.
How can you assist in this project? Log onto the City of Concord and Kannapolis Facebook pages and support this initiative by posting your comments.Create and submit YouTube videos and commercials supporting the initiative, and include how it would help you at home, work, school and/or all.  Let local newspapers, radio and television stations know how important this initiative is via Letters to the Editor, calls into local radio programs and contact television stations.
Utilize your existing database of family, friends and acquaintances to help share the message of support for the project.
On February 10, 2010, Google announced it is planning to build, and test ultra-high speed broadband networks in a small number of trial locations across the country.Google would provide the network/distribution system.  Local internet service providers would continue to serve local customer. Google's infrastructure should deliver Internet speeds more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today with 1 gigabit per second, fiber-to-the-home connections. Google will offer service at a competitive price to at least 50,000, and potentially up to 500,000 people.

Are you ready for Census 2010? 
The 2010 decennial census here!  When you receive your Census form in the mail, be sure to fill out and send it back to the Census Bureau quickly.  Participating in the Census helps make sure Concord receives its fair share of federal and state funds, as well as representation in Congress. Important things to remember about Census 2010:
Responding to the census is:
      Quick - A questionnaire will be mailed to your residence.  Simply fill out the questionnaire and mail it back in.  With only 10 questions, the 2010 Census questionnaire takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.  If you fail to return the questionnaire, a Census Bureau employee will need to make a personal visit to your place of residence.
      Easy - The questionnaire is simple and contains only a few questions that pertain to the number of people living in the residence, their name, gender, age, and race.
     Confidential - The information collected by the Census Bureau will only be used for census purposes.  The data later released by the Census Bureau is aggregated into large geographic areas.  A person's individual information or answers to the questions will not be given to anyone outside the Census Bureau.  By Federal law, the Census Bureau cannot share an individual's responses with anyone, including other federal agencies and law enforcement entities.
       Important - It's important to respond to the census because it helps your district have adequate representation in Congress.  It also helps your community receive its fair share of federal and state funds.
You can help the federal government save money by responding to the census in a timely manner.  When you receive your questionnaire in March of 2010, simply complete it and drop it in the mail.  Questionnaires that are not returned will prompt Census Bureau employees to pay a visit to your house, which costs the Bureau extra money.

Bunny Bash April 3, 2010
The Concord Parks and Recreation Department invites you to the Bunny Bash on Saturday, April 3, 2010 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at W.W. Flowe Park.
Egg hunts begin at 12:00 p.m.12:00 is the 3-4 year old hunt
12:20 is the 5-7 year old hunt12:20 is the 8-10 year old hung
12:30 is the adult egg hunt
Join us for arts and crafts, amusements, K9 demos, visit the Easter Bunny, dance and play games with the DJ and a special Bunny Trail full of activities for pre-school aged children.
Remote parking at Central Cabarrus High School with shuttles to and from the park.
For more information, contact Debbie Littlefield at 704-920-5615.
City of Concord Youth Council Applications Now Available
City of Concord is currently accepting applications for the Youth Council for the school year 2010-11. All rising 9th to 11th graders in the City of Concord and Cabarrus County Schools are encouraged to apply. Deadline is May 14, 2010.
The City of Concord seeks students dedicated to bettering the community and to give youth an official voice within city government. All Youth Council projects are selected and conducted by the Youth Council. Once a project is selected, the members of the Youth Council coordinate the efforts of the project. Projects include both local and statewide events.
For an application, contact Debbie Littlefield at 704-920-5615  or email 

Bunny Run 5 K & Fun Run - Saturday, April 3, 2010
 Les Myers Park 338 Lawndale Avenue Concord, NC 28025
Fun Run begins at 8:00 a.m. 5K begins at 8:30 a.m.
Starts and ends at Les Myers Park in Concord.  Course starts in the lower parking lot area, continues on the Harold McEachern Greenway, turns around on the Downtown Connector Segment and back to Les Myers Park. 
Modified Course. USAT&F Certified Course New stroller division.
Registration and awards presentation will be held in Paul's Shelter at Les Myers Park.
5K Bunny Run:
$12.00 entry fee until March 26th. $15.00 registration after March 26th. Online registration will close on Friday March
26th. T-Shirts guaranteed to the first 125 registered participants.
1 Mile Fun Run:
Warm up before the 5K Bunny Run or just run for fun! All ages are invited to run at no cost on this one mile run through the McEachern Greenway.
There is no fee for the Fun Run, however, if you desire a T-shirt, it may be purchased for $8.00 by using the entry form. Quantities and sizes may be limited, so please order early.
Registration is required for the 1 mile fun run at no cost.
For more information, please contact Ryan Jones at 704-920-5619 or the Concord Parks & Recreation Department Office at 704-920-5600
Did You Know? Water leaks cost money.
Water customers are constantly seeking means to keep monthly bills down and help water rates to remain low. One of the most effective ways of accomplishing this is by checking periodically for leaks and repairing the leak once identified.
Contact the City of Concord Water Department for additional information at 704-920-5341.
Leaking faucet @ 100 drips/minute = 350 gallons/month
Leaking toilet @ ½ GPM = 21,600 gallons/month
Watering garden or lawn 2 hours @ 5GPM = 18,000 gallons/month
Watering garden or lawn 2 hours @ 10GPM = 36,000 gallons/month
Unattended water hose 9 hours @10GPMS = 5,400 gallons
Make every drop count!
Remember, the following activities are allowed under the modified water use restrictions:
 Lawn irrigation is allowed ONLY on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

. Those who violate the specified lawn irrigation days watering rule will receive written notice of the violation and the appropriate fee will be assessed.
   The following activities are permitted at anytime:
. The filling, operation, or topping off of ornamental fountains.
. Residential car washing will be allowed using a hand-held hose or pressure washer, both equipped with a spring-loaded nozzle.
. Residential use of water for wash down of outside areas using a hand-held hose or pressure washer, both equipped with a spring-loaded nozzle.
. Watering of trees, flowers, shrubs, ornamental plants and vegetable gardens for plant preservation.
. Automated irrigation services may be installed and activated.
. Filling of swimming pools by permit. Topping off of previously filled pools is still acceptable at any time.
. All customers are allowed to use pressure washing devices.
Concord and Kannapolis are committed to environmentally sustainable water use practices 365 days a year during normal conditions and periods of drought.   Irrigation creates the single largest demand for water during spring and summer months.
In order to continue protecting our natural resources, the cities and the communities they serve are maintaining restrictions on days of irrigation and also use water pricing to promote further conservation.
Research shows that properly maintained lawns only need 1 inch of water per week to thrive, and it is best to water during evening and early morning hours.
We thank our customers for reducing their demand and assisting us with water conservation. Our businesses and residents continue to demonstrate leadership in water conservation and environmental protection.  
The aforementioned water use restrictions do not apply to those customers using wells or ponds for irrigation purposes. However, all users are encouraged to remain diligent in their conservation efforts regardless of the water source.

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