1. Conducted a public hearing and offered an Economic Development Incentive to Celgard, LLC. Celgard LLC plans to build a battery separator research and manufacturing facility on 22 acres in the International Business Park. The City offer included a two-phase economic development incentive contract. The first phase is a cash grant of $350,000 for site preparation work to be paid after Celgard purchases the property. The second phase is grants adding up to no more than $819,672 to be paid over four year segments, provided that Celgard make at least $57,100,000 in taxable improvements (including the installation of personal property) in the property. The second phase grants are to be paid annually, after investment thresholds are reached.
2. Conducted public hearings and  amended the Highway 29/601 Small Area/Land Use Plan and adopted an ordinance to rezone approximately 38.45 acres of property located off of Warren C. Coleman Blvd. and Cabarrus Avenue from O-I (Office Institutional) and RC (Residential Compact) to CD-RV (Conditional District Residential Village). The applicant is Cabarrus County and the developer is Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity proposes to construct 63 single-family residential homes. Council adopted the Zoning Map Amendment to rezone the subject properties.
3. Conducted a public hearing and adopted the Preliminary Assessment Roll for a Sanitary Sewer Collection System Extension into the Rocky River and Reedy Creek Watershed Drainage Basin ROC 2100 SW/REE 0100 N (AKA The Mills Subdivision) This institutes a Special Assessment for a sewer extension to the Rocky River and Reedy Creek Watershed Drainage. The sewer line and pumps station were completed and the final costs were determined in March, 2010. A copy of the Preliminary Assessment Roll and Notice of Hearing was mailed to all affected property owners at both their addresses for tax purposes and on their City utility accounts.  The affected properties are all assessed according to their size, or, in the words of the statute, "the area of land served." The assessments are calculated on recovering 100% of its costs, based on each parcel's share of the total. Credits were given for payment of the sewer availability fee(s).
4. Conducted a public hearing and adopted an ordinance for the annexation of a parcel of land owned by Gregory P. and Laura N. Guerriero, located at 650 Bainbridge Drive, NE. The parcel proposed for voluntary annexation is approximately 5.0 acres and is contiguous to the City of Concord.
5. Conducted a public hearing and amended Articles 4 and 6 of the Concord Development Ordinance (CDO) relative to the local Erosion Control Program. Included in the budget cuts by Cabarrus County was the elimination of the Local Erosion Control Program. If a local jurisdiction does not enact a program that is equivalent or more restrictive than the State requirements it is administered by the State of North Carolina and enforcement is limited by State staffing levels. Cabarrus County’s elimination of this program places the administration responsibility back on the State. This ordinance amendment recognizes the State of NC as the entity responsible for local Erosion Control Program.
6. Conducted a public hearing and adopted the Annual Agency Plan for the Concord Housing Department. The Housing Department Staff is required to submit an agency plan to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) annually. This plan was available for public review for 45 days prior to adoption and submission.
7. Conducted a public hearing and adopted a resolution closing the right-of-way of a portion of Woburn Abbey Drive, NW, south of Heritage Farm Avenue, NW. The proposal includes closure of Woburn Abbey Drive NW south of Heritage Farm Avenue, NW, in the Christenbury Village Subdivision, Phase II. This phase was initially for townhomes, but now plans are for single-family detached homes. This street is no longer needed for this development.
8. Considered and endorsed City of Concord participation in the Action Communities for Health, Innovation and Environmental Change (ACHIEVE) project to be administered by the Cabarrus Health Alliance.
The Cabarrus Health Alliance (CHA) has received funding for an ACHIEVE project to be implemented within Concord from the National Association of County and City Health Officials. The project is only one of ten in the nation. The overall goals of ACHIEVE are to:
  • Enhance collaboration between local leaders and stakeholders to prevent chronic diseases and related risk factors;
  • Build healthier communities by promoting health policy, systems and environmental change strategies at the local level;
  • Improve public health partnerships between the State Department of Health, the local health department, community based organizations, parks, and recreation departments, and local YMCAs;
  • Increase usage and establishment of health policy, systems and environmental change strategies focusing on tobacco cessation, physical activity, nutrition, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes; and
  • Transform the patterns of a healthy community into practice.
The CHA has asked for City of Concord representatives to participate.
9. Received an update from the City of Concord Youth CouncilYouth
Council President Hunter Horton provided Council an update on various activities completed and planned.
10. Named the former Electric Operations Site and individual buildings on Kerr Street and commissioned Patrick Glover to paint a mural commemorating the former Water Works building. The former Electric operations site on Kerr Street is being developed for artist studios. Establishing a name for the site is very important in developing an identity and for promotions. The name is also required to create a domain for a website. One name that has risen to the top is "Clearwater Artist Studios" at Gibson Village. This name pays tribute to the original use of the site as the City's first water treatment plant as well as linking the name to the surrounding neighborhood. It is also recommended to name the three separate buildings to assist with marketing and building Staff has worked with Patrick Glover, one of the resident artists, on ideas for the building. Patrick is both a painter and muralist. The artist will create a mural depicting the architecture of the building as it originally appeared and mount it to the outside wall.
11. Authorized the City Manager to negotiate and execute a construction contract for the McGill Avenue Watermain Rehabilitation. Bids were received on March 11, 2010 for the rehabilitation of the waterline on McGill Avenue. This project will remove the existing aerial stream crossing and support trestle and replace with a pipe suspended from the bridge east of Hwy 29. State Utilities Contractors, Inc. was the low bidder at $122,650
12. Authorized the City Manager to negotiate and execute a contract with Stantec, Inc. for engineering services for engineering services relating to the intersection improvement of US 29 and Poplar Tent Road. City Council approved on November 19, 2008 to enter into a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) agreement with the North Carolina Department of Transportation for intersection improvements at US 29 and Poplar Tent Road. Stantec, Inc. was selected by a review committee as the top firm to complete the work.
13. Awarded the Street Repaving and Rehabilitation Contract to Ferebee Corporation of Charlotte, North Carolina.
One of Council's continuing goals is to increase the percentage of City streets having a condition rating of 85% or better and to achieve a 15 to 20-year street resurfacing program cycle. To help improve these numbers, City Council allocated an additional $500,000 for street repaving beyond normal allocations in the FY 10 Streets Division Budget which was utilized during last fall’s repaving season. The contract is for the patching, leveling, milling, resurfacing, re-striping, remarking, and incidental concrete work as specified on approximately 5.96 more miles of designated streets in the City of Concord and 0.46 of driveways in Oakwood Cemetery.  Ferebee Corporation of Charlotte, North Carolina was the certified low Bidder in the Total Bid amount of $934,785.50 including a 5% contingency for the work.
14. Received a presentation from the Cabarrus Soil & Water Conservation District Chairman, Bob Ritchie, regarding the annual Stewardship Week observance and consider proclaiming April 25 - May 2, 2010 as Habitat Stewardship Week.  Council voted to recognize Habitat Stewardship Week (April 25 to May 2, 2010) by adopting a proclamation.
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