City of Concord staff members have received many questions about the recent arrival of cankerworms in the area. Aside from the unpleasant presence of the worms and their droppings, the defoliation can have a negative impact on trees that are already unhealthy. There appears to be less of a long-term impact on healthy trees.

The cankerworms or “inch worms” are moth larvae (like caterpillars). As they do each spring, the eggs hatching now were left in trees and flowering bushes last November by the wingless females. Agricultural experts agree that “banding” tree trunks in the fall is the most effective way to prevent females from laying these eggs.

The fall 2011 edition of the Concord City Circular included tips for protecting your trees.

Cabarrus County has produced an informative video to explain more (click image to view):

The City of Concord will partner with Cabarrus County and the Cabarrus Cooperative Extension Center to educate the public about the importance of taking preventative steps in the fall to reduce the annual infestation in the spring.


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