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Did you know Santa dropped some candy canes in Dorton Park and we need help finding all of them? Find out more about the Flashlight Candy Cane Hunt planned for December 18 in the Leisure Times or the Concord Parks and Rec Facebook Page.

Highlights of the December 13 City Council Meeting
Please visit to see the Council Agenda in its entirety.

Established the time and place for Council’s regular meetings and work sessions in 2019: which will continue the pattern of meeting in City Hall on the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m., including a work session the preceding Tuesday at 4:00 p.m.

Elected Council Member Sam Leder as Mayor Pro-Tem for the next year.

Presented retirement plaques to: Sam Gill, 25 years of service – Solid Waste Services; and Darell Gazeley, 28 years of service – Water Resources.

Presented the World Fuel Air Elite second place North America Diamond Location award to Concord-Padgett Regional Airport.

Presented a proclamation of December 13, 2018 as CSM Payne Day in honor of City Manager Lloyd Payne's recent retirement from the North Carolina National Guard and the National Guard's 382nd birthday.

Conducted a public hearing and adopted a zoning map amendment for the southwest quadrant of the Davidson Hwy/Odell School Rd. intersection.

Conducted a public hearing and adopted an ordinance designating Cabarrus Savings Bank (51-57 Union St, S) as a local historic landmark.

Conducted a public hearing and adopted a resolution amending the City Council Districts to better balance population distribution between districts.   

Awarded a bid to C & S Construction in the amount of $155,550 to construct a new home at 445 Cabarrus Avenue West.

Recognized the Brookvue Homeowners Association into the City's Partnership for Stronger Neighborhoods program.

Authorized the City Manager to negotiate and execute a construction contract with Performance Managed Construction Inc. for the construction of the NE Subset Sidewalk project (contingent upon approval from NCDOT) and adopted a capital project amendment.

Appointed Council Members King and McKenzie (alternate) to the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) and staff members Phillip Graham and LeDerick Blackburn (alternate) to the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) of the Cabarrus-Rowan Metropolitan Planning Organization (CRMPO).

Last weekend's winter weather still affecting solid waste collection
While most City services returned to normal earlier this week, solid waste services is still working to catch up from the snow and ice that arrived in North Carolina last weekend. Garbage, recycling, and bulky waste collection generally ran on a one-day delay this week. Delays at the landfill have caused garbage trucks to have longer turnaround times and some areas are running an additional (second) day behind on collection. Waste Pro will work to complete all routes for this week as soon as possible and customers are asked to leave unemptied carts at the curb until collected. Yard waste collection (including loose leaf collection in the Monday area) was also delayed and crews will collect anything not picked up this week at the first of next week. If you have questions, please call 704-920-5555.

Loose leaf collection in Concord continues next week in the FRIDAY (and MONDAY) area(s)
Solid Waste’s annual loose leaf collection season continues next week. This popular program provides each Concord resident three opportunities to have un-bagged leaves collected curbside, through February 8. Bagged leaves are collected year-round on a weekly basis, on the normal garbage collection day. Customers on the FRIDAY garbage collection routes must have leaves at the curb by 6 a.m. on Monday, December 17 for crews to collect them during the second collection cycle. Additionally, as noted above, some customers in the Monday area who did not receive service this week will have their loose leaves collected next week as well. Learn more and get a customized schedule at

Customer alert: Scammers targeting City of Concord utility customers
The City of Concord is once again alerting its residents, businesses, and other customers to be vigilant against scams targeting utility customers. While utility scams are not new or unique to Concord, the tactics these criminals use frequently change and become increasingly sophisticated over time.

Common scam tactics

  • Power disconnection threats: Customers may receive threats to turn off electric service – usually in less than an hour – if a large payment is not made.
  • Immediate payment requests: Customers are asked to quickly purchase a prepaid debit card and provide the card information, which grants the scammer instant access to personal funds. Some scammers may also request a money wire.
  • Calls that appear to be from your utility: Scammers may rig caller ID to make it look like the call is from a service provider.

The latest variation is that scammers are posing as City of Concord and Duke Energy employees, claiming that you are behind on your bills. They'll tell you that you have until the end of the day to make a payment, or risk having your power shut off. In order to pay, you'll need to dial an 800-number. When you call, an automated message will play, saying that you have reached your utility provider. It's then followed by a customer service menu, similar to what you'd hear if you called the actual number. When you follow the prompts, you'll directed to a scammer who will try to convince you they legitimately have your account information and solicit payment.

The City of Concord is telling its customers that this is a scam. Never give out your credit card information over the phone, unless you are confident that you have called your utility company on your own accord using the number printed on your bill. For City of Concord utility customers, this number is 704-920-5555.

If you've fallen victim to this scam or have received a similar call, please contact your utility company (for City of Concord, 704-920-5555) and local law enforcement (for Concord Police, 704-920-5000). We also encourage you to visit for more tips and information.

City of Concord upcoming meetings
Unless otherwise noted, location is the Council Chamber of City Hall, 35 Cabarrus Avenue W.

18 at 6:00 p.m. Planning and Zoning Commission

8 at 4:00 p.m. City Council work session
9 at 6:30 p.m.
Historic Preservation Commission
10 at 6:00 p.m.
City Council regular session

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