Update from Concord Water Resources: characteristics returning to normal
Friday, June 14, 2019

June 21 Update: Water Resources staff advise the taste and odor issue resolved on the supply side. Staff will continue to monitor areas to ensure the system is completely cleared, and testing will continue as well.

Harrisburg residents: click here for information from the Town of Harrisburg.

Concord Water Resources is aware of a strong odor and taste affecting some customers, and has responded to many complaints addressing the odor. Staff has determined the odor is related to water supplied by our partners at the City of Albemarle, which  primarily serves customers in the southeast portion of our service area. The cause of the odor is an algal bloom at Albemarle’s Tuckertown Reservoir.  Concord staff have and continue to test the water to ensure it is safe and meets all regulatory requirements. There are no health concerns with drinking or otherwise using this water even with the unpleasant odor. Warm water will cause the smell to be more pronounced.

The City of Albemarle has taken measures in their treatment and distribution processes to remove the odor. Additionally, Concord staff are trying to reduce the amount of water brought in from Albemarle until the situation is resolved.  Although we cannot eliminate water coming from Albemarle without causing a strain on the system, the City of Concord is increasing production at Concord water treatment facilities to dilute the water from Albemarle and attempt to further reduce the odor in affected areas.

We’re hopeful that the recent and impending rain may help move this bloom downstream so that the smell of the water can return to normal.  Again, we emphasize that the water is safe for all uses and does meet or exceed all regulatory requirements.  While certainly unpleasant for customers, the smell is an aesthetic issue.  It is not a stagnation problem or a water quality issue, thus flushing the system will not mitigate the problem until the algae dies off and/or moves downstream.  Once the algae bloom is gone and the raw water returns to normal Concord staff will flush lines to remove the aesthetically displeasing water as quickly as possible.