Alternate library parking available during Downtown water tank painting
Monday, August 26, 2019


CONCORD – A prominent feature in Downtown Concord will get a fresh coat of paint and interior cleaning starting in September. The City of Concord's iconic elevated water tank can be seen rising above Union Street N and Cabarrus Avenue W, and is featured in many photos. The process will include draining the tank, painting the exterior and cleaning the interior, then sterilizing the interior before returning to service.



The water tank in Downtown Concord is ready for a refresh.

The Water Resources department has contracted with a specialized firm to complete this work. The tank will be tented during the sand blasting and painting process, and several additional measures are planned to mitigate any possible damage to surrounding property. Motorists using the Cabarrus Avenue Parking deck or patrons of the Concord branch of the Cabarrus County Public Library will have some temporary detours and vehicle access restrictions starting September 9.

The contractor will begin staging materials and equipment starting September 9 and the process will take 12-16 weeks to complete. During this time the majority of the parking lot behind the library will be closed, as well as parking deck rear entrance from the library parking lot. All motorists wishing to access the parking deck should enter from and exit to Cabarrus Avenue W (across from City Hall).

Sun Trust Bank, located next to the library at 31 Union Street N, will allow library staff and patrons to park in its parking lot, near the back of the lot. Cabarrus County will have signage in place at the library to help direct patrons to the proper location.

The library's driveway will remain open to provide accessible parking spaces for those with valid disability placards and license plates. The typically one-way


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entrance driveway will be configured for two-way traffic with sufficient space to turn around. All other motorists should not enter the library driveway and parking lot.
A limited number of parking spaces on the top of the Cabarrus Avenue Parking Deck will be blocked during the process, and the contractor plans to cover any vehicles in the area as needed that could be impacted by the work.

The City's Downtown water tank was built in 1936 and has a 500,000-gallon capacity. At 122 feet tall, it provides water pressure of 831 feet above sea level. Regular maintenance over the years has included exterior painting every eight-to-ten years and interior cleaning every two years. Painting keeps the tank in good working order and preserves its lifespan, as evidenced by its 83 years of service.

The City has six tanks, with one additional under construction near the Concord Parkway S and Cabarrus Avenue W intersection that replaced an obsolete tank previously removed at that location. Maintenance on the Downtown tank should be complete by December 20. For more information, contact Water Resources staff at 704-920-5164.