Members of the community complete 18th Concord 101
Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Concord 101 2019
Pictured are the Concord 101 class of 2019. Front row: Bridgett Williams, Lauren Bredolo, Carl Russo, Angel Valladares, Bobbie Jo McDonald, Mary Santiago, Kim Hartsock, Marianne Scully, Joy Pinto; 2nd row: Karin Lord, Bonnie Ray; 3rd row: Elaine Miller, LaWanda Blair-Foster, Blaze Walker, Quinton Locklear, Greg Mills, Cindy Hanson; 4th row: Sophia Cliffe, Bruce McCormick, Sarah McMurry, Claudia Ambersley, Nancy Gilmore, Patricia Moor; 5th row: Rosalind Lawrence, Pete Lawrence, Jane Baker; 6th row: John Pyndus, Judy Taylor, Patricia Swift, Martin Ericson, Dave Gilmore; not pictured: Jesse Aguilar, Laura Aguilar, Carmen Cook, Gricelda De La Cruz, Ivonne Erion, Scott Kerkhoff, Natalie Marles, Edwards Pedrick, Amelia Phipps, CJ Phipps, Celeste Troutman, Steve Troutman

CONCORD – The Concord 101 class of 2019 was recognized with a graduation ceremony on November 26. This year's class included 43 active community members who were thanked at the ceremony by Mayor Bill Dusch for their involvement in the program.

Concord 101 is designed to inform citizens about their local government. Participants met on Tuesday afternoons or evenings and learned about what it takes to run City services such as solid waste and recycling, public utilities, police, fire, parks and recreation, and more. The course also included special sessions about Concord’s history, economic development, and tourism. The free 14-week course began in August.

The class was first offered in 2002, and alumni are a diverse representation of the community. Some are now serving in leadership roles in their neighborhoods or on City boards and commissions. Council Members Jennifer Parsley and John Sweat are both graduates of the program.

2019 participants were: Jesse Aguilar, Laura Aguilar, Claudia Ambersley, Jane Baker, Lawanda Blair-Foster, Lauren Bredolo, Sophia Cliffe, Carmen Cook, Gricelda De La Cruz, Martin Ericson, Ivonne Erion, Dave Gilmore, Nancy Gilmore, Cindy Hanson, Kim Hartsock, Scott Kerkhoff, Pete Lawrence, Rosalind Lawrence, Quinton Locklear, Karin Lord, Natalie Marles, Bruce McCormick, Bobbie Jo McDonald, Sarah McMurry, Dorothy Elaine Miller, Greg Mills, Patricia Moor, Edward Pedrick, Amelia Phipps, CJ (Curtis) Phipps, Joy Pinto, John Pyndus, Bonnie Ray, Carl Russo, Mary Santiago, Marianne Scully, Patricia Swift, Judy Taylor, Celeste Troutman, Steve Troutman, Angel Valladares, Blaze Walker, and Bridgett Williams.

At the ceremony, City Manager Lloyd Payne encouraged the graduates to take an active role in the community. He also welcomed continuing feedback on City services and programs. The next class will begin in fall of 2020, with applications available in May. Learn more about Concord 101 at