Survey says: Concord receives feedback on services, peer comparison
Monday, February 3, 2020


CONCORD – The City of Concord asks customers for feedback on its services, quality of life, and other topics every other year. The recently conducted 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey showed that once again, Concord's residents are reporting higher satisfaction with City services compared to regional and national averages.

As part of the January 30-31 annual Planning Session, the Mayor and City Council received a report from the consultants who conducted the survey in late 2019. ETC Institute, a national market research firm that specializes in surveys for local governments, conducted the survey with a randomly selected sample of Concord residents. The goal of 400 completed surveys was met, providing a 95 percent level of confidence and a precision of at least +/- 5 percent. The survey respondents' demographics reflected that of the actual population.

the major findings of the survey included residents' positive perception of the community, and higher satisfaction with City services compared to other communities. Nearly all respondents (88 percent) rated Concord as an excellent or good place to live, and 81 percent an excellent or good place to raise children. Of residents who had an opinion, 79 percent indicated they were either "very satisfied" or "satisfied" with the overall quality of City services, and 56 percent had a positive rating of the value received for tax dollars and fees.

These results and others showed that Concord rated above the national average in 57 of the 69 areas that were assessed, and significantly above the national average in 48 areas. The Atlantic Regional comparison was similar, with 58 areas above average and 45 significantly above the regional average.

The top ten areas where Concord outperforms the national average (exceeding percentage):

• Overall quality of customer service received from City employees (+42%)

• Overall effectiveness of City communication with the public (+27%)

• Leadership of elected officials (+27%)

• Overall quality of City services (+26%)

• Leadership of City Manager and appointed staff (+24%)

• Bulk trash pickup/removal service (+24%)

• Timeliness of water/sewer line break repairs (+22%)

• Leaf, yard waste and brush removal services (+20%)

• Quality of City recreation programs and facilities (+20%), facilities at City parks (+19%)

• Value received for tax dollars and fees (+19%)

The results show the most room for improvement related to perceptions of traffic flow, infrastructure maintenance, and quality of economic development. These and other findings can inform updates to the City's strategic plan. The full presentation and survey results are available at