From Mayor Dusch: call for peaceful action, shared understanding towards racial equity
Tuesday, June 2, 2020



Statement from Concord Mayor Bill Dusch:

Community called to peaceful action, shared understanding towards racial equity

June 2, 2020


"There is no justification for the senseless murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week. My heart goes out to his family and I pray for justice and the healing of the Minneapolis community.

In Concord, we will continue to work hard to protect the rights of all citizens. I support the continued emphasis of Concord Police Department (CPD) in its tireless work to maintain trust and legitimacy within the community it serves. I am proud of the work that CPD has done in collaboration with the public, as well as local partners like Cabarrus County NAACP and Racial Equity Cabarrus to train staff in the areas of de-escalation and fair and impartial policing.

We will diligently continue efforts to partner with community leaders to move us forward in these difficult times by providing opportunities for dialogue, education, and action. I will advocate for the anti-racist strategies necessary to ensure equality and justice.

Peaceful demonstrations demanding equal protection under the law for black Americans and honoring the memory of George Floyd and other victims of racial inequality are an important first step. I pledge that I will, together with community members, continue to foster local racial equity efforts and catalyze positive change.

I believe that change begins with understanding. I urge each of you to join in these efforts to make a positive change for all. I believe this is both an opportunity and responsibility for the citizens of Concord, especially white members of our community. This is not an issue for black Americans to bear, we all must work together. Please visit to learn how you can gain an understanding of the structural racism that exists in our nation and in our community.

Be safe and God Bless."


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