Annual street preservation planned through mid-August 2021
Wednesday, August 26, 2020

New interactive map available to help community keep up with progress

CONCORD – The City of Concord has awarded a $5.9 million street preservation contract to NJR Group, Inc., to resurface almost 62 lanes miles and rehabilitate, by patching and crack sealing, 69 lanes miles of roadway in Concord. Over the next twelve months, motorists in Concord will notice a steady pattern of resurfacing work taking place weekdays during daylight hours.

Concord's Transportation Department staff have developed a new interactive map, where community members can see the location planned street segments. Once work begins, the segments will show updated status as work is scheduled, underway, and complete. The map is available at

The City Council places a priority on street preservation and maintenance, in order to maximize the useful life of this essential public investment. Every 2-3 years, the Transportation Department evaluates all 356 (centerline) miles of roadway in the City-maintained system for a variety of distress conditions. Some include: edge cracking, block cracking, alligator cracking, rutting, raveling, and bleeding. Staff also considers the extent of patches and other repairs on the roadway, and general roughness or ride comfort. Finally, staff considers the traffic volume and classification of each roadway, as well as planned infrastructure projects that will require future cuts and patching. This combination of factors produces a street ranking used to allocate available funding for the contract.

In 2019 the City partnered with Data Transfer Solutions, LLC (DTS), to perform a third-party evaluation of the City of Concord maintained streets and to recommend maintenance schedules/methods to optimize the City’s budget. DTS staff evaluated 356.16 miles of roadway based on the national standard for evaluating referred to as Pavement Condition Index (PCI).

In 2019, City Council also approved allocating $20 of the Municipal Vehicle Tax to Street Preservation efforts. In addition, the City receives funds annually from the State of North Carolina, Powell Bill funds, to supplement street maintenance service. Combined with Powell Bill revenues, the City will average approximately $3 million per year going forward towards street resurfacing and preservation. Segments included on the annual preservation list are based on approved funding levels as well as the fund balance from Powell Bill, combined with pavement condition data.

Services include patching, leveling, milling, resurfacing, re-striping, re-marking, re-installation of permanent raised pavement markings, and incidental concrete work.

Motorists are asked to remain alert and exercise caution, as well as refrain from parking on the street during the process to avoid conflict with the construction equipment. In addition to updates on the interactive map, Transportation staff will use roadside signs to notify area residents and motorists in advance of work starting in each location. For more information, please contact the Concord Transportation Department at or


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