Candidates and Property Owners Reminded of Temporary Sign Removal
Friday, November 6, 2020

Candidates and Property Owners Reminded of Temporary Sign Removal


CONCORD, NC – The City of Concord encourages candidates and property owners to be responsible for both the removal and disposal of campaign signage. (10) ten days following a primary election, the suspension of regulations under the City of Concord Development Ordinance, Section 12.3.9 expire. Following the expiration of this suspension, signage must adhere to all standards under Section 12.3, including but not limited to:


            Section 12.3.2.B. Temporary signs shall not be placed within any public street right-of-way, including within medians unless expressly permitted by this ordinance or the North Carolina General Statutes.


            Section 12.3.3.B.4. One (1) Type 1 Freestanding Temporary Sign may be displayed on a parcel or group of adjacent parcels under common ownership or tenancy.


Campaign sign clean-up responsibilities in rights-of-way rest primarily with candidates; signage placed on a parcel is the parcel owner's responsibility. As signage is removed by individuals, within their legal parameters, the City of Concord encourages individuals to reuse them for other purposes, such as for a yard sale or donating to a community organization. As a reminder, Type 1 Freestanding Signs are not permitted in curbside recycling containers.


Additional information on the City's sign standards is available at


Do your part to keep Concord attractive by removing unnecessary signs. If individuals have specific questions or concerns, contact the City of Concord Code Enforcement at 704-920-5150. To review Solid Waste and Recycling guidelines, visit the Solid Waste Resource Guide.