Statement from City Council and Mayor Dusch
Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Today we join together as a community to honor the life of Concord Police Officer Jason Shuping, who was killed in the line of duty last week. Officer Shuping dedicated his life to protecting and serving our community, and we are heartbroken about his tragic death as well as the shooting of his fellow officer, Kaleb Robinson. Jason made the ultimate sacrifice and, for that, we will be forever indebted…and he will be forever remembered.

The commitment of the Concord Police Department to this community is unwavering and invaluable. Today, as we celebrate the life of Jason Shuping, we also honor the men and women of the CPD who selflessly serve all of our residents. We, as a community, and specifically, as the leadership of this great City, will do whatever humanly possible to ensure the safety and wellbeing of each and every one of our CPD officers. We will support Chief Gacek and the Department through this difficult time and in the days and months ahead and ask that you do the same. Likewise, we will be in prayer for Officer Shuping, his wife, family, and friends, as well as for Officer Kaleb Robinson and his family.

This is a terrible tragedy felt by all of us in Concord, but it is also a time that brings out the best in us. The outpouring of support for our community that has come from neighboring communities, the Governor, and officers throughout the state has been overwhelming. We hope that it brings some measure of comfort to Jason’s family, friends, and fellow officers, to whom we offer both our deepest condolences and our gratitude for Jason’s service.