City of Concord encourages responsible political sign disposal
Wednesday, November 4, 2015

CONCORD – With Tuesday's municipal election complete, the City of Concord is encouraging candidates and members of the public to find other places for political signs than the landfill.

Although campaign sign clean-up responsibilities on rights-of-way rest primarily with candidates, there are also many displayed on private property. Those removing these signs are encouraged to reuse them for other purposes. For example, save them for your next yard sale or find a community organization that might be able to reuse them.

For residents without reuse opportunities, plastic and cardboard signs can be recycled in Concord's curbside recycling program. Simply remove all wood or metal stakes before recycling as these materials are not allowed in your black carts.

Please do your part to keep Concord attractive by removing unnecessary signs. For more information about recycling, contact the Customer Care Center at 704-920-5555.