Concord encourages reasonable preparation in advance of Irma
Thursday, September 7, 2017

Update (5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 8): Earlier this week, the projected path of Hurricane Irma heightened local awareness of the need to prepare for emergency situations. The City continues to monitor Irma and is ready to respond to local impacts. Although the latest forecasts now have lessened the local threat, the public is encouraged to use this as an opportunity to prepare now for future events. Whether tropical storms, winter weather, or other situations, maintaining emergency plans and supply kits for homes and businesses can have an enormous effect on the ability to recover. The best time to plan for an emergency is now, well in advance. Over 30 staff members from all Departments assembled in the City's Emergency Operations Center this afternoon for a final briefing in advance of #IrmaNC. The City has focused preparations on staffing, equipment and supplies, fuel, and interdepartmental coordination that would be needed in the event of responding to severe weather. We will continue to monitor the developing situation and encourage the community to do the same.

CONCORD – While it’s too early to know the exact path of Hurricane Irma, the City of Concord is urging residents and visitors to take reasonable steps to prepare for potential tropical storm impacts. Key measures include updating emergency plans and kits, and staying tuned to the National Weather Service and local media. Being ready helps you and your family stay safe before and after a severe weather event. It also lowers the workload of fire, police, and medical first-responders.

"Preparedness is the key to staying safe during a severe weather event," said Concord Emergency Management Coordinator Jim Sells. "Everyone has a role in being prepared for disasters, including citizens. Local governments will always be the first to respond. However in the event of a major or catastrophic disaster when roads are flooded, bridges destroyed and the environment is dangerous, citizens should have a plan in place and supplies on hand to help ease their own response.”

Governor Cooper has
declared a State of Emergency for all 100 North Carolina Counties. The City of Concord is monitoring the weather situation and taking several steps to ensure preparedness. The public is strongly encouraged to take the following steps:

Get Prepared: d
evelop a plan in advance to ensure that every family member knows what to do, who to call and where to go during an emergency.

  1. Identify your risk: What are the hazards where you live or work? Find out what natural or human caused disasters pose a risk for you. Do you live near a flood plain, an earthquake fault, or in a high fire danger area? Does your neighborhood or community have a disaster plan?

  2. Be a Force of Nature. Become familiar with the terms used to identify severe weather and discuss with your family what to do if a watch or warning is issued. WATCH means severe weather is possible. WARNING means severe weather is occurring; take shelter immediately.

  3. Make a plan to make sure every family member knows what to do, who to call, and where to go during an emergency. 

  4. Maintain an emergency supply kit both at home and in the car. These kits should include a battery-powered or hand-crank radio, NOAA Weather Radio, and other items needed in case you have to shelter in place or evacuate.

  5. Secure or bring inside all loose outdoor objects, including lawn furniture, signs, trash, and garbage and recycling bins during severe weather events.

  6. Keep catch basins and storm drains clear of debris and disposing of leaves and other yard waste properly.

Stay Informed
During any emergency, it is vital to stay informed by monitoring local media and government resources for official news and information. The City of Concord keeps the public informed through postings on, social media accounts (FacebookTwitterNextdoor), and through the BlackBoard Connect notification service.

We all share a responsibility in preparing for disasters, which can strike at any time. The public is encouraged to plan ahead - help spread the word and make the entire community better prepared.