Improved solid waste collection routes take effect week of May 6
Thursday, January 31, 2019

CONCORD – The City of Concord will implement an improved solid waste collection route system in May of this year, following the approval of a new route concept by City Council in January. The City of Concord provides curbside collection of garbage and yard waste each week, and every-other-week collection of recycling and bulky waste.

The adjusted routes will provide relief to customers who have experienced collection delays over the past months. Schedule changes will affect less than half of the City’s more than 32,000 solid waste customers.

One of the causes of collection delays has been an imbalance in daily collection points, which has led to drivers not being able to complete daily routes. Over the last eight years, the number of solid waste customers has increased by more than 16 percent. The most growth, and therefore the most extra customers and delays, has occurred in the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday collection areas.

The City of Concord partnered with its collection provider, Waste Pro, to analyze existing routes and propose new, more efficient routes that account for the City’s growth over the last decade and projected growth for the next five years. The new routes are designed to efficiently handle collection for up to 40,000 customers.

Customers who will have a change in their schedule will receive a notice in the mail by early April, with instructions on how to verify their new schedule using the City’s CARTology mobile app and customized calendar available at

A change in collection day will affect collection of all items provided by
Solid Waste Services, including garbage, recycling, bulky waste, and yard waste.

The City’s every-other-week recycling and bulky waste schedule assigns each customer to either “blue week” or “green week.” Some (but not all) customers who have a change in collection day will also have a change in their bi-weekly recycling and bulky waste collection schedule. For example, some customers may be on the blue week schedule now and will be on the green week schedule after the route change in May. Other customers may have a change in week but keep the same day. Most customers will have neither a change in the collection day nor a change in the blue/green schedule.

Stay tuned for updates at, the City Circular magazine, the CityLink Newsletter, and our social media accounts (
FacebookTwitterNextdoor) over the coming months. City staff will also partner with affected recognized neighborhood associations to hold community meetings.