New murals dedicated in Historic Downtown Concord
Thursday, October 24, 2013

Above - Bicentennial Mural: "Off Main Street" by Isaac Payne (click to enlarge)

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CONCORD – New public art in Historic Downtown Concord was dedicated Thursday afternoon. At the ceremony, officials celebrated two new murals, which replaced existing artwork in the Union-Market Passageway and the Bicentennial Parking Lot.

A committee consisting of Council Members Jim Ramseur and Ella Mae Small, and staff members from the City of Concord, Cabarrus Arts Council, and Concord Downtown Development Corporation began work in 2012 to recommend artists for each project.
Charlotte artist Isaac Payne was selected in December 2012 to create original art to be enlarged for the side of the building owned by Jerry and Marsha Kelly at 14 Church Street S, adjacent to the Bicentennial parking lot. The new mural depicts an abstract street scene that appears to blend into the surrounding environment.
Sharon Dowell, also from Charlotte, was selected in May to create eight window-shaped murals for the Union-Market Passageway. The art is attached to the side of the building at 48 Union Street S owned by John and Judy McCrimmon. Dowell used old photographs to create a contemporary tribute to several historic places and buildings.
Concord Mayor Scott Padgett complimented the mural committee and the artists, who blended an appreciation of local history with excitement for the future.
"Both works demonstrate aspects of Concord that give us pride," said Padgett. "Ms. Dowell has represented our history with images of the places and structures that formed this community in its early years. Mr. Payne has visually created Concord’s essence, by using familiar architectural themes and depicting the interaction of citizens."
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Below - Union-Market Passageway Mural: "Momentous– A Timeline of History Shaping Sites of Concord" by Sharon Dowell (click each to enlarge)