Remembering Council Member Hector H. Henry, II (1938-2013)
Friday, November 29, 2013


The City of Concord mourns the passing of Council Member Hector H. Henry, II, who passed away on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 28, 2013. Dr. Henry was serving his ninth term as a member of City Council, including two years as Mayor Pro-Tem. The longest-serving of the current elected officials, he was first elected in 1973 and served continuously with the exception of a four-year rest between 1989 and 1993.
Aside from his service to the City of Concord, Henry was also known to the community as urologist, surgeon, health activist, and philanthropist. A retired Colonel in the United States Army Reserves Medical Corps, Henry served many tours of duty overseas, as recently as Afghanistan in 2009 and ranging back to the Persian Gulf and Vietnam eras.
Henry passed away after complications from a form of blood cancer called myelodysplastic syndromes. He encouraged members of the community to register as bone marrow donors, not for his own benefit but rather for the 10,000 Americans who are in need of a transplant each year.
In July, the City Council voted to name the future greenway along the Rocky River in honor of Henry—an overwhelming surprise to him.
A Funeral Mass will be held at St. James the Greater Catholic Church in Concord on Monday, December 2 at 11:00 a.m. The family will receive friends Sunday from 2:00 until 4:00 p.m. at Wilkinson Funeral Home.
The Mayor and members of City Council interacted with Dr. Henry in various capacities, and offer the following reflections on his life:
Mayor J. Scott Padgett
There are few people who are identified by just their first name; Hector was one of those people. Whether in Concord, elsewhere in North Carolina, or even around the world, you could just say “Hector,” and people immediately knew who you were talking about. I will miss reminiscing about our younger days, when we had less judgment and more energy. He was a public servant in every sense of the word. He was short in stature, but cast a very long shadow. He touched just about every facet of life in our City, and Concord is a better place because of Hector.
Mayor Pro-Tem Jim Ramseur
When Hector H. Henry, II left us yesterday, a family lost a husband, a father, a grandfather, and a brother. America lost a hero. Colonel Henry was deployed in several wars to serve our great country. The City of Concord lost Council Member Henry, currently our longest serving Concord elected official. The medical community lost Dr. Henry, a friend of our youth, who served our local medical needs for over four decades. And finally, I lost Hector, my friend for over 40 years. May The Lord bless him and keep him and give him peace.
Council Member Dave Phillips
Hector Henry was a once-in-a-lifetime individual that I have had the honor and privilege to serve with on the Concord City Council for the past eighteen years. I knew Hector first as a doctor, then as a neighbor, and finally as a colleague on the City Council. In knowing Hector in these different capacities, I learned to know the complete Hector Henry – the man.  My father served under George S. Patton during World War II and Hector and I shared many discussions about General Patton, who we both regarded as a true American hero. We both had a tremendous respect for the members of “The Greatest Generation” and all of the contributions they made to America and the world. Although Hector was a little behind that generation in years, I believe his contributions and accomplishments place him among those members of “The Greatest Generation.” For all of the toughness he could exhibit when necessary, Hector had a huge soft spot for children, people who needed assistance, his family, and his community. His service to his Country, Concord, and Cabarrus County has been exemplary and his passing leaves a void that will be difficult if not impossible to fill. I am thankful to have known Hector – and to have had the opportunity to call him my doctor, my neighbor, my fellow Councilmember, and most importantly, my friend. Hector truly is an example of a life well lived.
Council Member Ella Mae P. Small
Hector Henry was a gentleman in all aspects. He was kind, considerate, and easy to communicate with. He was also methodical, and at times would guide the Council to assist us in making sound decisions. Hector was dedicated and always focused on making decisions to make Concord a more progressive city. We will miss Hector on City Council. More importantly, Concord will miss a man that worked for many years to make our City, our County, our State and our Country a better place to live.
Council Member Alfred M. Brown, Jr.
I am deeply saddened by the death of our colleague, Dr. Hector Henry. Hector was a public servant in the truest sense - as a doctor, a soldier, an elected official, a community servant, a husband, a father, and a grandfather. Few people today in public service can offer as broad a resume as Hector, and it was a privilege to have served with him on the Concord City Council. My sympathies go out to Margie and the entire family, and I also encourage everyone who is eligible to look into becoming a bone marrow donor.
Council Member Lamar Barrier
I first got to know Hector forty-five years ago when he was my dad’s doctor. During the twenty-eight years I have been on Council, he has been there all but four of those years. A lot of people thought he was a big old grizzly bear, but he had a heart of gold when it came to considering City issues. He was a big help to me while on Council. He once told me “if you feel good about something, vote for it—if you don’t, don’t vote for it.” I have stuck with that advice. He was truly a friend of mine and he will be deeply missed by Concord, Cabarrus County and the United States. It means a lot to me that he is at peace now so there is no more suffering. I will miss him.
Council Member John A. Sweat, Jr.
It is with a heavy but equally joyous heart that I remember Hector. He was my mentor, my Council running mate, a fellow service member; but most importantly my dear friend. The contributions he made to this world cannot be measured. Hector was a true warrior who fought bravely with conviction and never forgot his family, friends, Country and the great City of Concord. He will forever and always be missed by all who were blessed to know him.