Class of 2017 completes 16th Concord 101
Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Pictured (left to right) are: front row – Michael Lyles, Bertram Hinton, Corey Wells, Sandra Riggins, Margaret Andersen, Liz Hickman, Sherry Lassiter-McCullers, Deanna Miles, Brenda Patrick, Peter Davis; second row - Nickie Hinton, Deanna Hope Powers, Michael Anderson, Melissa McGuire, Marc Van Brunt, Anthony Clark, Ashley Moye; third row:  - John Mastro, Laura Croke; fourth row - Linda Ray, Cheryl Morgan, Matilde Reeves, James Smith, David Hunkele, Mudassar Ali Mohammed; fifth row - Pamela Reiter, Betty Auten-Sides, Rita Pyndus, J. King; back row - Arthur Ray, Steven Reiter, Terry Alexander, Jeffrey Hoover, Frank Patterson, Joshua Talbert. Not pictured: Janet Brown, Lynnetta Tilford.

CONCORD – The Concord 101 class of 2017 was recognized with a graduation ceremony on November 21. This year's class was the largest in program history, with 37 active participants who were thanked at the ceremony by Mayor Pro-tem Ella Mae Small for their involvement in the program.

Concord 101 is designed to inform citizens about their local government. Participants met on Tuesday afternoons or evenings (there were two parallel classes for the first time) and learned about what it takes to run City services such as solid waste and recycling, public utilities, police, fire, parks and recreation, and more. The course also included special sessions about Concord’s history, economic development, and tourism. The free 14-week course began in August.

The class was first offered in 2002, and alumni represent a cross-section of the community. Some are now serving in leadership roles in their neighborhoods or on City boards and commissions. Council Members Jennifer Parsley and John Sweat are both graduates of the program.

2017 participants were: Terry Alexander, Margaret Andersen, Michael Anderson, Betty Auten-Sides, Janet Brown, Anthony Clark, Laura Croke, Peter Davis, Liz Hickman, Bertram Hinton, Nickie Hinton, Jeffrey Hoover, David Hunkele, J. King, Sherry Lassiter-McCullers, Michael Lyles, John Mastro, Melissa McGuire, Deanna Miles, Mudassar Ali Mohammed, Cheryl Morgan, Ashley Moye, Brenda Patrick, Frank Patterson, Deanna Hope Powers, Rita Pyndus, Arthur Ray, Linda Ray, Matilde Reeves, Pamela Reiter, Steven Reiter, Sandra Riggins, James Smith, Joshua Talbert, Lynnetta Tilford, Marc Van Brunt, and Corey Wells.

At the ceremony, City Manager Brian Hiatt encouraged the graduates to take an active role in the community. He also welcomed continuing feedback on City services and programs. The next class will begin in fall of 2018, with applications available in May. Learn more about Concord 101 at