Adopt a Stream

The City of Concord offers 2 stream clean-up programs.  Your group can choose the stream segment you’re interested in cleaning up.  Your group chooses the day you’d like to do your clean-up.  The City can provide waders, gloves and grabbers for your group to borrow.* (Due to COVID19, we are not able to lend out supplies at this time.)

Clean-A-Creek is a one-time stream clean up. 

Adopt-A-Stream is a long term commitment.  We ask that you commit to completing 2 stream clean-ups per year.  After 2 successful cleanups, Concord Water Resources will place a sign by the stream denoting your group as stream adoptees.

If you have any questions, please contact Crystal Scheip at 704-920-5287.


If your group would like to participate in Adopt-A-Stream or Clean-A-Creek, please follow these steps:


1.     Find the stream segment you're interested in on the map below.  Click on the segment, and fill out the form.  Choose whether you're wanting to participate in Adopt-A-Stream or Clean-A-Creek.


2.     We will contact you upon approval of the submitted form and send you a contract and liability release for you to complete and email back.  (The Adopt-A-Stream Contract requires that your group perform 2 stream cleanups per year along your designated stream segment.)


3.     One week before each stream cleanup, contact Crystal Scheip to arrange a time to check out the following stream cleanup equipment: trash bags, gloves, waders and safety vests. Be sure to indicate sizes, amounts and types of equipment your group will need.  When checking out equipment, your group agrees to return equipment in the shape it was received, and to return it no later than 2 days after your scheduled stream cleanup. (Due to COVID19, we are not able to lend out supplies at this time.)

*If your scheduled stream cleanup is delayed, please notify City of Concord Personnel so that we can re-allocate equipment for your re-scheduled cleanup date. 


4.      After each stream cleanup, please take all collected waste to an accessible curbside location. Then report the location to the City of Concord so that the waste can be collected. Any recyclable items may be placed inside green City of Concord recycle bins or clear trash bags.


5.      Upon completion of each stream cleanup, please submit a Field Activity Report to Crystal Scheip,




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At this time, we can only allow one group per weekend to do their clean-up, if you're needing to borrow supplies.  Please view the calendar below and let me know your proposed date of your first clean-up. (Due to COVID19, we are not able to lend out supplies at this time.)





Frequently Asked Questions​

Gr​oup size ​​15 volunteers or less are the best size for each segment.  

​Road signs with a group’s name are installed after a group has completed its second clean up and returned all data sheets. The name of the group on the contract will be the name placed on the sign.  Websites and phone numbers are not allowed on these signs.