Youth Council

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2017 City of Concord Youth Council Executive Board: President, Allyson Finley; Vice President, Brea Reed; Secretary, Jake Kelly; Finance Chair, Kelsey Mosshart; Program/Mentor Chair, Amelia Crawford; Social Chair, Rebecca Ince. 

Advisors are Taylor Morris, Parks & Recreation Program Supervisor, Katie Culbreth, Recreation Program Specialist and Ron Ferrell, Concord Police Officer.

Youth Council Events (2016-17)

Union Street Live!

Third Thursday June - September, Downtown Concord
Chair: Lucas Plott
Chase, Yara, Riley, Meg, and I assisted in setting up tents, tables, chairs and games along Union Street. During the concerts we put out beach balls, handed out fans and sold raffle tickets for the intermission raffle giveaways. 

Silly Summer Days

Chairs: Mitchell Eveland & Rohit Nemani
Dye It Up!, Superhero Supersoakers and Wacky Watermelon were our fun programs throughout the summer! Each one was a hit with all the kids. We tie dyed all kinds of different fabrics, cooled off on a super hot day with supersoakers and carved, launched, and ate watermelon! Mitchell, Aarushi, Kerry, Amelia, Carter, Dorian, Harshita, Javon, Katleen, Kylie, Lia, Nandika, Neha, Rohit, Shania, and Sreya all helped make this program successful.

Library Line-Up

Chair: Katleen Sorrosa
The Library Line-Up consisted of three wonderful events in the library of Downtown Concord. The first day was June 29th and many kids came out to our Survivor Outsmart, Outlaugh, OutFun day! The children were able to expand their imaginations by creating survivorship items out of different resources. On July 20th we had Superhero Super Slam where kids were able to come out and train like the superheroes! With activities to practice their aim, strength and cleverness the rising superheroes were able to have fun and interact with others in the activities. Our last event, the Minecraft Mayhem, was on August 10th . Children were able to use different sizes of cardboard material, and tape, to build a real-life Minecraft shelter! With two teams using their imagination to make a strong and sustainable shelter, the children had a lot of fun working together and building. Volunteers for the events were: Aarushi, Chase, Nandika, Shania, & Rebecca I.

ClearWater Youth Art

Chairs: Caitlin Epstein & Yara Quezada
The week of June 13th, Youth Council members volunteered at the Tie Dye Around the World art camp at the Clearwater Artist Studios. Members Maddy Kennedy, Rebecca Ince, Yara Quezada, Allyson Finley, and Caitlin Epstein helped artist Sunya Folayan and 4 children create tie dyed works of art. They assisted with ironing fabric, mixing dyes, sewing, and more! During the week of August 1st, members assisted instructor Meredith Ferrell with a Tiny Tots Arts Camp. They taught toddlers the basics of arts and crafts and had a blast. Volunteers were Dorian, Javon, Kelsey, and Kerry. 

Greenway Adventures

Family attended nature programs at three different locations. Families were guided by YC volunteers on hikes exploring bugs and other animals. We ran activities with the children and used natural items we collected. This program continues throughout the year with different activities.

Chairs: Caroline Patterson & Rohit Nemani. Volunteers: Yara, Kerry, Christyna, Kelsey, Amelia, Dorian, Lauren, Harshita, Shania, Nandika & Zachary H.

Chair: Emily Horn. Volunteers: Aarushi, Caroline, David, Lauren, Mckayla & William.

Chairs: Carter Wiseman & Allyson Finley. Volunteers:

Pickleball in the Park

Chairs: Chase Carey & Lucas Plott
The Pickleball in the Park program was held for any kids who want to learn how to play Pickleball and have fun doing so. The program was held on July 14th and 28th, August 4th, 11th, and 18th at Beverly Hills Park from 9:00 to 11:00 am. Kids got to learn the rules and practice Pickleball. And if they weren't on the court there was also cornhole and ladder ball to play. The program was fun for kids of all ages who want to have fun! Volunteers were Chase, Dorian, Fiona, Harshita, Kelsey, Kiley, Lucas, Maddy, Neha, Raegan, Rebekah, Shania, and Yara.

Hunger Games: Tribute Training Mini Camp

Chair: Zach Finley

The Hunger Games Tribute Training Camp took place between June 22 and June 24, 2016.  The members that participated were as follows: Lucas Plott, Ally Finley, Lia Esposito, Tyler Gacek, Jake Kelly, Chase Carey, Mitchell Eveland, Rebekah Netzley, Meg Aldridge, Harshita Gudipudi, Sreya Upputuri, and Shania Mastan. Over the course of three days, the children participating in the camp did a variety of activities, such as geocaching, archery training, arts and crafts, and relay races. The variety of activities allowed for the children to express their creativity and be active as they learned about a popular book series. 

SOL Summer Celebration

Chair: Brea Reed
Friday, 6/24 members: Piper, Kylie, Ben, Audrey, Harshita and Sreya met at ClearWater Artist Studios for SOL! Summer Celebration. Between setup and break down we offered some really fun activities- fairy garden houses, painting and coating teepees, scratch off coloring, balloon creations, story telling, a drum circle, yoga and more. We tied in a short social at the end of the event with pizza and activities.

Streetlight 5K & Frolic

Chairs: Emily Przykucki & Jordan Gregory
Friday, 7/8 members assisted with the 5K runners' lane and family festival. Members assisting with the race set up a runners' lane on Union Street and encouraged runners to stay on course throughout the race. In the festival area, members ran games like corn hole, jenga, ladder golf and supplied arts & crafts for the kids. We had a really great time playing with the kids dressed like superheros! Volunteers: Cayson, Dorian, Emma Grace, Jake K., Macklin, Raina & Thelen.

Camp Olympics

Chair: Yara Quezada
Camp Olympics was a three day camp held at Les Myers for kids aged 6-12 that was inspired by the Rio Summer Olympics. Concord Youth Council members assisted with the Olympic inspired activities such as soccer, relay races, and field hockey. The members how participated were myself, Piper, Maddie, Kylie, Javon, Ben, Fiona, Rebekah, Carter, Jake, Abby, Neha, and Kathleen. 

Community Free Clinic

Chair: Zach Finley & Carter Wiseman
The Community Free Clinic serves adults and children in Cabarrus County who do not meet the threshold for Medicaid coverage, and are unable to afford health insurance. Volunteers so far have been Tyler, Makayla, Riley Olson, Carter, Katleen, Amelia, Kerry, Meg, Aarushi & Emily H.

Backpacks For Hope

Chair: Amelia Crawford

Members have kicked off the year with our annual school supplies drop at the first meeting on 8/29. Donations were made by: Aarushi, Allyson, Ben, Brandon, Caroline, Cayson, Christyna, Emily H, Fiona, Harshita, Jocelyn, Jordan G, Lia, Macklin, Maddie, Meg, Raina, Rebekah N, Thelen, William, Zach, Zachary and myself. Great job everyone!!

On September 15th Fiona Pu, William Brazil, Rebekah Netzely, Kerry Slay, David Cantos and my self volunteered for backpacks for hope  from 4-5pm. This event took place at the Academy  recreation center. We made treat bags that included pretzels, cereal, gummy bears and skittles. We put them together by assembly line. Katie and Taylor were going to deliver to the appropriate place.

Messy Art

Chair: Riley Olson

The Messy Art events are super exciting and fun for both the volunteers and the kids. The participants definitely enjoy the "messy" aspect of the event and are sad to leave at the end. Overall, Messy Art is a great way for kids to channel their creativity and most importantly, their energy. Volunteers have been Piper, Amelia and Kiley.

Dog Food Drive

Chair: Rebekah Netzley
At our meeting on Monday, September 12, many of our members brought in dog food for the Dog Food Drive we were hosting. We gathered dog food to give to the Meals on Wheels individuals with pets so that they could get meals on wheels too. Everybody bagged all the dog food up so that the dog food could be delivered to Meals on Wheels all prepped and ready to go. The event was a huge success as we had an entire trunk full of dog food. The food was delivered the next day, and they were EXTREMELY appreciative for all the help. Congratulations on a job well done!

Safety Palooza

Chair: William Brazil
On September 10th Safety Palooza took place at Fire Station #3. The event promoted car safety. The volunteers helped set up tents, played games with kids, served food and cleaned up after the event. We all had a lot of fun and there was a pretty big crowd. Volunteers were Jake R, Kerry, Reilly H, Aretha, Jake K, Piper, Brandon, Carter, Javon & Reagan.

Senior Center Broadway Musical Show & Dinner

Chair: Emily Horn
On Tuesday, September 20 we assisted with ushering and serving guests during an amazing musical performance. Volunteers were Kerry, Brea, Christyna, Terra, Neha & Javon.

Volunteer Banquet, Cabarrus Senior Center

Chair: Emily Horn
On Tuesday, September 27 we helped greet and serve guests at the Cabarrus County Senior Center. The honored guests were volunteers, like us, being recognized for their time and efforts at many of the Senior Center events. YC volunteers were Christyna, Brea, Neha, Javon, Raina, Nandika & Harshita.

Dogs' Day Out

Chairs: Lia Esposito & Maddy Kennedy
On Saturday, October 22 the annual Dogs' Day Out event was held at Les Myers Park in Concord. Volunteers included Brandon, David, Isabelle, Adelle, Lucas, William, Nandika, Kelsey, Shaina, Piper, Reagan, Neha, Ben, Rebekah, Tyler, Fiona, Emma, Lia, and Maddy. These Youth Council members helped set up tables for vendors, check in dogs, monitor the off-leash area, judge talented dogs, and sell food to the public. Several food items were brought in by Christyna, Ethan, Adrian, Grace, Thelen, and Makayla. 

Candy Crawl

Chair: Adelle Patten
On Monday, 10/31, we assisted with the large Halloween event downtown called Candy Crawl. We had pirate themed activities and crafts and had a blast! Volunteers were McKayla and Piper.

Veterans Salute 5K

Chair: Jocelyn Peay
On Saturday at McGee Park, we helped set up cones, mile markers, and fill cups of water for the runners. When the race started we stood at different places and directed runners to make sure they didn’t run off the 5K path. At Means Ave. the volunteers helped runners register/check in for the race. Volunteers were: Raina, Abby, Javon, Christyna, Reagan, Terra, Reilly and William

Tree Lighting Ceremony

Chair: Carter Wiseman
On November 18 we celebrated Concord Downtown's annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. CYC members hosted an arts & crafts tent, assisted with trolley and carriage rides and dressed as elves for Santa's visitors at City Hall. CYC volunteers: Adelle, Audrey, Cayson, Emily P, Ethan, Grace, Hannah Ross, Izzy, Jake K, Jake R, Lauren, Luke, Makayla P, Piper, Riley O, Rohit & Sreya.

Holiday Happenings

Chair: Abby Wallace
On December 3 we were Downtown Concord with our gingerbread houses ready for decorating. Families went on a scavenger hunt to collect candy to decorate the gingerbread houses and to learn more about Downtown Concord. CYC members had a workday to build the houses. CYC volunteers for the workday and event: Aarushi, Adrian, Allyson, Audrey, Caroline, Cayson, Javon, Jordan, Lauren, Mackenzie, Makayla P, Rebecca I Rishabh  Sreya.

Concord Rotary Can-A-Thon

Chairs: Ben Silver & Dorothy McGee
On December 10 & 11 CYC volunteers assisted in the collection of canned and boxed goods for the Concord Rotary Can-A-Thon. Members posted outside of grocery and convenient stores with Rotary representatives expressing the needs of others and the donations meanings. CYC volunteers: Aarushi, Adrian, David, Dorothy, Emma, Ethan, Grace, Jocelyn, Jordan, Luke, Mckayla B, Rishabh, Yara, Zach F & Zachary H.

Cops & Kids

Chair: Rishabh Patel
On December 17 CYC members accompanied children and Police officers from the Boys & Girls Club to K-Mart for a holiday shopping spree. CYC members hosted a Penny War collection between the boys and girls throughout the Fall semester and collected enough money to sponsor three children. CYC volunteers for the shopping spree: Adelle, Aretha, Ben, Emily P, Hannah Ross, Jocelyn, Kelsey, Mackenzie, Riley O, Symira & Tyler.

Blankets for Jeff Gordon Children's Hospital

Chair: Rebekah Netzley
On January 30th, members of the Concord Youth Council met an hour and half before our regular meeting in order to complete one of our annual projects: making blankets for sick children at Jeff Gordon Children's Hospital. This year we will be able to put smiles on the faces of nine children at the hospital. We have been fundraising for this event since October in order to pay for the fleece used to make the blankets. This was a great event to welcome everybody back from the Winter Holidays.

Operation: Teddy Bear Drop

Chair: Rishabh Patel
On February 6, members met at Build-A-Bear to bring 8 teddy bears to life for children at Jeff Gordon Children's Hospital. Funds were raised during our Krispy Kreme fundraiser and food sales at Dogs' Day Out. CYC volunteers: Aretha, Brea, Javon, Nandika, Piper, Rebecca I & Terra.

Valentines 2 Seniors

Chair: Izzy Norman
On Valentines Day, February 14 CYC volunteers delivered special goodies to the Cabarrus County Senior Center and Living Center just next door. Carter, Reagan, Sreya and Izzy hand delivered the Valentines gifts with "love bug" crowns and big smiles.


Our annual celebration of Dr. Seuss's Birthday took place at the Concord Public Library on March 4. CYC volunteers had a workday to prepare for the celebration and then conducted a variety of Seusstastic games and crafts. CYC volunteers: Adrian, Aretha, Cater, David, Emily H, Emily P, Grace, Izzy, Mackenzie Reagan, Reilly, Rishabh & Zachary H.

Concord on Canvas

Chair: William Brazil
On March 10 CYC members assisted with the annual Concord On Canvas art auction. Volunteers moved paintings throughout the show and assisted with the overall event. CYC volunteers: Allyson & David.

Big Brother, Big Sister: Bowl for Kids' Sake

Chairs: Harshita Gudipudi & Nandika Komirisetti
On February 28 CYC members assisted in the annual Big Brother Big Sister Bowl for Kids' Sake at Dave & Busters. CYC members checked in players, assisted with shoe distribution, setup the lanes for play and helped sale raffle tickets throughout. CYC volunteers: Audrey, Ben, Christyna, David, Emily P, Jake, Makayla P, Shania & Zachary H.

Bunny Run 5K

Chair: Brandon Shue

Bunny Run Festival

Chair: Lia Esposito

Flutter-By Earth Days

Chair: Audrey Channell

Spring Into Arts Festival

Chair: Carter Wiseman