Youth Council

2018 City of Concord Youth Council Executive Board: President, Brea Reed; Vice President, Kelsey Mosshart; Secretary, Javon Davis; Finance Chair, Nandika Komirisetti; Program/Mentor Chair, Christyna Reagan; Social Chair, Shania Mastan. 

Advisors are Taylor Morris, Parks & Recreation Program Supervisor, Montana Maurer, Recreation Program Specialist & Weston Lawrence, Recreation Program Specialist

Youth Council Events (Fall-18)

Greenway Adventures

Members have assisted with the ongoing environmental education program along the trails and in the parks. Volunteers assisted with Sun Snatcher chasing the sun, Insect Safari we went on a hunt for bugs. Volunteers lead games, activities and crafts along with the instructor.
Volunteers: Kaurwaki, Rishi, Angel, Harshita, Cathy & Joseph.

Artful Antics

Members are assisting this after-school program as young kids from around the neighborhood and city come to try new art activities each week. Volunteers lead and assist the participants on works of art and fun activities.
Volunteers: Riya, Lauren H & Kennedy.

Teen Tournaments

YC members are hosting social opportunities for all teens in Concord with Gaga Ball and Archery Attack  challenges. These are free activities for all teens.
Volunteers: Bella, Tina, Josh & Justin

Nature Snap Kids

This is an awesome Parks & Recreation program offering young children the opportunity to use mini personal cameras to capture nature and lots of fun. Volunteers assist the children with the technology and pointing out objects and wildlife along the hike.
Volunteer: Campbell


This program is an exploration of nature through art techniques. We gather items from nature to create each masterpiece with the kids. 
Volunteers: Emma & Christyna

Bonjour, Ciao, Yassou or Hello!

We are traveling around the world on a journey tasting cultural foods, listening to their music and playing their games. Volunteers assisted the instructor with activities, crafts and food preparations.
Volunteers: Keeley