Youth Council

2019-2020 Application

2019 City of Concord Youth Council Executive Board: President, Kelsey Mosshart; Vice President, Javon Davis; Secretary, Nandika Komirisetti; Finance Chair, Akhilesh Shivaramakrishnan; Program/Mentor Chair, Christyna Reagan; Social Chair, Shania Mastan. 

Advisors are Taylor Morris, Parks & Recreation Program Supervisor & Jordan Lontai, Programmer

Youth Council Events (Fall-18)

Greenway Adventures

Members have assisted with the ongoing environmental education program along the trails and in the parks. Volunteers assisted with Sun Snatcher chasing the sun, Insect Safari we went on a hunt for bugs. Volunteers lead games, activities and crafts along with the instructor.

Artful Antics

Members are assisting this after-school program as young kids from around the neighborhood and city come to try new art activities each week. Volunteers lead and assist the participants on works of art and fun activities.

Bonjour, Ciao, Yassou or Hello!

We are traveling around the world on a journey tasting cultural foods, listening to their music and playing their games. Volunteers assisted the instructor with activities, crafts and food preparations.

Crazy Cooking

This offering of fun and experimental cooking is a favorite! Volunteers assisted participants in the kitchen with tools and organization.

Backpacks for Hope

Each month members put together goodie bags for 100 children, and each month the theme for these snacks are based on holidays or events during that specific month. At the beginning of the school year we collected school supplies.

Battling Bakers

Competing in the kitchen, our volunteers assist participants in a flavor-themed competition. Members explain proper measuring techniques and heating methods to build the skills of the participants, all while having a blast in the kitchen

Expressive Art & Music

Members assist and participate alongside of individuals with special needs in experiential education of art through music, painting and sculpting. 

Exercise & Movement

Exercises designed for individuals with special needs, our members encourage participants and join in the workouts. Sharing laughter and grunts.

Community Free Clinic

Volunteers assist in clerical and customer service capacities. Members meet at the clinic once a month volunteering in the pharmacy and office.

Blankets & Teddy Bears for Jeff Gordon Children's Hospital

Members utilize funds raised in the fall semester from Dogs' Day Out Festival and a Krispy Kreme doughnut sale to support annual gifts the local Children's Hospital. Member made 12 fleece blankets before one of the meetings, and 12 bears from Build-A-Bear to donate to the NorthEast Foundation as gifts for the many children in the hospital. 

Valentines 2 Seniors

Volunteers visited our local Senior Center on Valentines Day to deliver handmade bracelets and candy-grams. 


Our annual celebration of Dr. Seuss's birthday was held at the Concord Public Library on Saturday, Mach 2. Members offered arts and crafts, games and challenges for children ages 18 months to 13 years old.

Big Brother Big Sister: Bowl for Kids' Sake

Volunteers assisted win welcoming players, running shoes, managing lanes and selling raffle tickets for the fundraiser.