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Be prepared: Severe Weather Awareness Week 2015

Severe Weather Awareness Week in NC is March 1-7. The goal is to help the community be prepared for weather events that affect our part of the state during the spring and summer months.  The City of Concord is proud to promote this program and asks the community to take time this week and better prepare for severe weather in our area.  We live in an active area for severe thunder storms and tornadoes. Last year 36 tornadoes occurred in the state with damages exceeding $22 million.

The following map and image from the 2012 Harrisburg, NC tornado shows why it is important to be prepared.



Are You Ready Concord?

Are you ready for severe weather?  Each year, local public agencies in collaboration with the National Weather Service and State agencies and organizations sponsors Severe Weather Awareness Week in North Carolina. The week is designed to refresh, remind and educate everyone about the seasonal threats from severe weather and how to avoid them.  It's also a great time to make and practice your emergency plan and build or refresh your emergency preparedness kit.

Severe weather preparedness advice
Do you know how to protect yourself, family, pets and property from severe weather? Get practical advice from the National Weather Service on surviving a storm.

Learn what to do before, during and after a tornado with these shareable YouTube videos from NOAA.

Get Weather-Ready: Before a Tornado

Get Weather-Ready: During a Tornado

Get Weather-Ready: After a Tornado

Advice for workers and employers
Severe weather poses unique hazards for workers and employers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides resources for workplace preparedness for and response to severe weather emergencies, including tornadoes. OSHA also provides information for workers involved in response and recovery operations for severe weather events. OSHA and NOAA encourage workers and employers to be aware of weather forecasts so that they can be better prepared.