City Hall Blog (archived)

How to reduce waste and impress your friends this holiday season

Have you ever considered how much money you spend on gift wrap? Consider saving money, reducing waste, and impress family and friends with uniquely-wrapped presents this year by making your own gift wrap!

Creating this festive scene is as easy as saving some of your favorite newspapers and magazines! (Photo courtesy of Environmental Educator Mandy Smith-Thompson.)
Reuse bags and gift wrap from Christmases past. You can also wrap gifts in newspapers, sales papers, magazines and any other stray paper you could find. Don’t forget to recycle after the gifts are opened.
To make a curly bow, simply cut magazine paper into strips and curl with scissors. Click here to learn how to make flowers out of paper!
While reducing waste and reusing is the best option during the holidays (and any time of year), here are some helpful reminders about how to handle any extra waste you cannot avoid this season: 
  • Many gift wrap and packing items are recyclable! Paper gift wrap, gift boxes, and gift bags are recyclable in your black recycling cart. Plastic boxes are also acceptable.
  • No foil-lined or plastic-lined paper is accepted in recycling (please try to reuse these items!).
  • During the week following Christmas and the week following New Year’s Day, residents may put extra recycling in clear plastic bags beside carts for collection.
  • Large cardboard boxes should be flattened and stacked next to the recycling cart. Jamming large boxes into your cart can prevent material from being emptied.
  • Small cardboard items such as gift and cereal boxes should be flattened and placed inside your recycling cart.
  • The City of Concord will collect one live Christmas tree per residence as part of weekly yard waste collection. Simply remove all lights, ornaments, skirts, and stands, and place the tree at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on your weekly collection day.
  • Artificial trees are trash and must be scheduled for bulky waste collection. Please remove all lights, ornaments, skirts, and stands. Call 704-920-5555.
  • Please consider donating reusable artificial trees.

For more information about waste reduction, and the City's holiday collection schedule, visit the Solid Waste Services page.