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A new look and better fuel efficiency on patrol

You’ll soon notice a new look on some of the Concord Police patrol vehicles. In March, the department received replacement cruisers for 27 of the nearly 200 Police vehicles in the fleet. The new vehicles replace 2000-2003 model vehicles with over 100,000 miles each. Six-cylinder engines now power 87 percent of all patrol vehicles, and half of the remaining 13 percent with eight cylinders are spares. The new Ford Police Interceptor is the only front-wheel drive six-cylinder police car available.

Although the delivery was in March, it takes several months to get the new cruisers on the road. The vehicles arrive from the factory without any markings or special equipment, and a team from several City departments works together to transform the cruisers in order to serve officers’ needs while creating the Police department’s most visible presence in the community.
Staff from the Transportation department's Sign Shop worked with Chief Guy Smith and his staff to design an updated striping scheme for the vehicles. Technicians from the Communications department’s Radio Shop equip the vehicles with lights, sirens, radios, and other specialized equipment. These coworkers and the Fleet Services team continue to work together as maintenance needs occur over the vehicle's life-cycle.
This is the first major redesign to Concord Police patrol vehicles in over ten years. A design committee with representatives from each division in the department formulated the new look. Their excitement and input created the final design. The design continues to maintain the same “black and gold” color that has become a Concord Police tradition, but with a more active appearance and the department patch affixed to the sides of the patrol car. The department patch was also designed by Concord officers and they are proud it is displayed on the new striping configuration.
The Police department and other City departments work with the Fleet Services department to replace vehicles as needed each year to maintain the lowest possible life-cycle cost. Fleet Services has been recognized three years in a row as one of the "Top 100" public sector fleet operations in North America. More information about Fleet Services is available at

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