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Taking Customer Service to the next level

The City of Concord has achieved a new milestone in its commitment to making excellent service its top priority.

In January, the City’s two existing Customer Service teams combined in an effort to achieve customer service excellence. The Customer Care Center staff (who you can reach at 704-920-5555) was relocated from Fire Station 3 to the Municipal Building where the walk-in Customer Service group is located.

Customer Service Milestones

January 1, 2001: Customer Care Center established as a division of Fire and Life Safety and staffed with coworkers who had expertise from several departments.

July 1, 2007: City launches organization-wide emphasis on customer service excellence.

January 1, 2012: Customer Care Center combined with Finance Department’s Customer Service Division

“Combining these two teams allows the City to move toward our goal of providing great customer service,” said Pam Hinson, Director of Finance. “The Care Center team brings a vast amount of knowledge to the group, and we are thrilled to be working with them to improve the City’s customer service delivery to citizens,” she added.
The newly combined team is managed by Tammy Linn, Customer Service Manger. The walk-in coworkers are supervised by Kathy Drye, Georgia Magbie supervises coworkers in the Care Center, and David Little supervises customer service technicians working in the field. Together the team coordinates services for citizens throughout various City departments and provides support for a range of City programs.
In addition, the Customer Care Center is now able to better accommodate Spanish-speaking callers with added bilingual representatives. “As we move forward as a newly combined team, embracing change will be a necessity,” said division manager Tammy Linn. “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together becomes success,” she said.
This group of coworkers plays a vital role at the City of Concord, and ensures that citizens and customers receive the best possible service with every contact. Customer Service team members are detail-oriented and dedicated to meeting the day-to-day challenges of their jobs. The team prides itself in responding promptly to individual customer needs. Their focus is on enhancing customer relationships and exceeding the customers’ expectations.
As the team moves forward—with a genuine focus on customer service excellence—supervisors will empower employees with the tools they need to better serve citizens. Plans for cross-training between the walk-in and phone teams are under way.
Every contact that a team member has with a citizen influences their outlook on the City of Concord and is important. From setting up new utility accounts, to providing information on community assistance for utility bills or working with Cabarrus County to issue Certificates of Occupancy, the team knows that great customer service begins with each coworker.
The Customer Service team is ready to assist you! Visit us in City Hall at 26 Union Street, S., give us a call at 704-920-5555, or email us at

Pictured below: members of the City of Concord Customer Service Team