City Hall Blog (archived)

2012 Urban Archery season set for January 14 - February 18


The City of Concord will participate in North Carolina’s Urban Archery season for the second time in 2012. Hunting and fishing in North Carolina is regulated by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC). The WRC gives municipalities the option of participating in a specified Urban Archery season by submitting a letter of intent to participate in the season along with a map clearly defining the area to be included in the season.
The established dates for North Carolina’s 2011 Urban Archery season are January 14 - February 18, 2012.
Concord once again submitted the letter of intent in spring of 2011, and in fall of 2010 adjusted the Code of Ordinances to regulate bow and arrow hunting in the City limits during valid hunting periods if the hunter has a valid hunting license (including Urban Archery Season).
In general this ordinance creates restrictions to require that bow hunting take place:
  • from a stand at least 10 feet off the ground
  • not within 250 feet of any dwelling or occupied structure
  • only on lots two acres or larger
The hunter would have to be on their own property or with written permission of the property owner.