City Hall Blog (archived)

Keeping City Council Districts Balanced

With the results of the 2010 Census, Concord’s population is now officially 79,066. Concord is now the second largest municipality in this region. (see the City Manager’s spring column for more information).

As the population changes, the City Council districts should also change to ensure that all seven districts have a balanced distribution of people. Concord’s seven City Council Members represent the City through a system utilizing residency districts. That means that citizens may vote for Council Members in all districts, but those running to represent each district must live within its geographic boundaries.  This system keeps elected officials focused on the entire City while also having a special interest in the area in which they live. The Mayor is the only truly at-large elected official, who simply must reside within City limits.

The Council districts were last redrawn before the City election in 2009. Considering the Census results, and the upcoming election this November, staff used NC GS 160A-23.1, the US and NC Constitutions, and population breakdowns provided through 2010 Census files to develop several scenarios.  Staff presented the scenarios to City Council at their April meeting, and recommended a proposal that was the most balanced and legally appropriate.

Although there is no practical way to get the population counts exactly the same in every district, the goal is to get the smallest residency district as close to or within 10 percent of the population of the largest district, so there is not a large disparity. City Council agreed to consider this proposal at their May meeting.

There will be a public hearing at the May 12 City Council meeting to receive public comment on the proposed redistricting plan before adopting a new map. Click the image below to view existing and proposed district maps.

Citizens may also view the existing districts and the proposed changes at City Clerk’s office, the Board of Elections, and the Concord Branch of the Cabarrus County Public Library.

Contact the City Manager’s Office at 704-920-5215 for more information.