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Area youth attend national Exploring conference to prepare for future careers

By Captain Betty Crump

The Cabarrus County Law Enforcement Post 107 attended the 2010 National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference from July 19-24, 2010 on the campus of Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Cabarrus County Law Enforcement Post 107 is a group of young adults between fourteen and twenty years of age. The purpose of Law Enforcement Exploring is to provide young adults who may be interested in a career in law enforcement with a comprehensive program of training, competition, service, and practical experiences.  Character development, physical fitness, good citizenship, and patriotism are integral components of the overall program. Through their involvement in the program, Explorers develop an awareness of the purpose, mission, and objectives of law enforcement agencies.

The National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference is conducted every other year. It is attended by thousands of Law Enforcement Explorers and their adult leaders from throughout the country. Explorers come together for a week of team and individual competitions, seminars, demonstrations, exhibits, recreation, and fun. This year’s event was attended by approximately 2,500 Explorers from places such as California, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida, New York, North Carolina and Puerto Rico.

In its first trip to the national event, Post 107 sent eight Explorers and four adult advisors to compete in six of the thirteen team competition events. Competition events included (bold denotes Post 107 participation): Arrest and Search, Bomb Threat Response, Crime Scene Search, Crime Prevention, Domestic Crisis Intervention, Shoot/Don’t Shoot, Hostage Negotiation, Burglary in Progress, Traffic Accident Investigation, Traffic Stop, White Collar Crime, Emergency Field First Aid, and Drill Team. The Explorers were divided up into 2 teams and each team competed in 3 events.

The team of Chief Adam Bost, Brian Goggins, Joshua Bullock, and Lieutenant Alisha Clark competed in the Traffic Stops competition and finished in the top ten percent of all the Explorers that competed in the category. All Explorers worked hard training and preparing for the team competitions, and did very well in each event.

The Cabarrus County Law Enforcement Post 107 also had the opportunity to compete in individual competitions, including (bold denotes Post 107 participation): Police Physical Performance Test, Air Pistol Competition and Pistol (9mm) Competition, Sample Police Written Examination, Bike Policing Competition and Non-Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (NEVO). The Explorers were not required to compete in any of the events, but they requested to compete in them in their spare time. Joshua Bullock finished in second place in the Police Physical Performance Test for the 14-17 year old age group, which had approximately 800 competitors.

Post 107 also attended seminars at the conference, which trained members in various areas of law enforcement, including:Bomb Investigations, Combating Terrorism in America, Executive Protection, Leadership Development, Fugitive Investigations, Gang Recognition and Identification, Hate Crimes & Terrorism on the Internet, Narcotics Trafficking and Interdiction, Protecting our National Borders, Protect Yourself: Self-Defense, Psychological Profiling, Surveillance Methods and Technology, Advisor Workshop, and other presentations.

Post 107 raised $4,120 for eight Explorers and one advisor to attend the 2010 National Conference. The Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office paid for one advisor to attend, and the Concord Police Department paid for two advisors to attend the conference. The Explorers worked hard in fundraising to achieve their goals in attending the National Conference. The Explorers sold Boy Scout Camp cards, which raised $1,250 (and they were the top sellers in Cabarrus County). The Explorers also sold Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, raising $3,500 over two sales. In addition, Wal-Mart donated $500 to the Explorers, and several individuals also donated money.

How do you become part of the Cabarrus County Law Enforcement Post 107?

Eligibility Requirements
  • Law Enforcement Exploring is open to young adults, ages 14, and graduated from the eighth grade, through 20, or age 15 through 20 years.
  • As a prerequisite for joining a hold harmless and release form for the agency and Learning for Life must be executed by the parents or legal guardian and/or the Explorer if of legal age to sign such a form.
  • Must not have a prior conviction for a criminal offense or serious traffic offense.
  • Must have and maintain a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) in high school or college to remain in the Post.  
  • Must complete a basic training course, to include Youth Protection: Personal Safety Awareness training, and a probationary period.

Participants must undergo a thorough background review to assess character and integrity that will include interviews with neighbors, teachers, and employers. Must keep body weight in proportion to height and maintain a high level of physical fitness.

The Cabarrus County Law Enforcement Explorer Post is co-sponsored by the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office and the Concord Police Department. Each department assists with cost of buying uniforms, training material, and supplying instructors to assist in teaching various blocks of instruction. All other expenses are paid for by the post through fundraisers.

The Cabarrus County Law Enforcement Post 107 meets every other Tuesday from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM and sometimes on Saturdays. To find out when the next meeting is, please call the Explorer phone line at 704-920-5888 and the message will state when and where we are meeting. Also individuals interested or questions in learning more can call Concord Master Police Officer David Alexander at 704-920-5031 or Cabarrus Sheriff’s Office Detective Brian Heintz at 704-920-3133.

Explorer Post 107 members and advisors at the 2010 National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Front Row: Deputy Shane Whitley, Detective Brian Heintz, Daquan Boyce, Lieutenant Alisha Clark, Captain Jessica Tallant, Logan Hicks, Officer Miranda Ross

Back Row: Sergeant Brian Goggins, Chief Adam Bost, Joshua Bullock, Donald Stegall, MPO David Alexander