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NOTICE: The Historic Preservation Commission will hold a virtual training session via Zoom on the regularly scheduled hearing date of Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 at 6:30 pm.  This meeting will include a presentation concerning quasi-judicial procedures and other topics pertinent to Historic Preservation Commission duties and activities. To join the Zoom Webinar, please click the link below:


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Webinar ID: 879 0857 1946

Passcode: 588025

The historic districts located near downtown Concord are some of the most valued and important assets in the city due to the historic qualities of these properties.


Historic Preservation Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission has been established by the City Council to apply and interpret the zoning ordinance for areas within the historic districts. The work of the Historic Preservation Commission helps to identify, protect, and preserve Concord's historic resources, as well as foster a widespread appreciation and respect for Concord's cultural heritage.


Meeting Agendas and Case Documents

 ► Historic Commission Meetings

 ► Historic Commission Cases


Meeting Time and Location

The Historic Preservation Commission meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m in the Council Chambers at the City Hall.  

The members serving on the Commission are appointed by the City Council.  Members are appointed to 3-year terms, and cannot serve more than two consecutive 3-year terms.  There may be up to three alternate positions.  It is not necessary for members to be residents of the historic districts.  Persons interested in becoming a member of the Historic Preservation Commission may submit an application to the City Clerk.  

Meetings are held in the Council Chambers at:

City of Concord City Hall, 3rd floor
35 Cabarrus Ave W
Concord, NC 28025

The parking deck is open to the public across the street from the City Hall.

Yearly Meeting Schedule



Historic District Applications

Certificate of Appropriateness (pdf) (docx)
Appeal Historic Commission to Board of Adjustment (pdf) (doc)
Historic District Amendment Application (pdf)


Staff Contact Person

Katherine Godwin
Planning & Neighborhood Development Department
City Hall
35 Cabarrus Ave W
P. O. Box 308
Concord, NC 28026-0308
704-920-6962 fax


Historic Preservation Commission Members

Lee Gray, Chair
154 Spring Street NW
Concord, NC 28025
Second full term
Term Expires 6/30/2021

Jim Ramseur
Appointed 6/14/2018
First term
Term Expires 6/30/2021

Carolyn Coggins
Appointed 6/14/2018
First term
Term Expires 6/30/2021

Brian Floyd
272 Charter Ct.
Concord, NC  28025
Appointed 1/11/2018
First term
Term Expires 6/30/2021

Lea Halloway
205 Union St S
Concord, NC 28025
Appointed to first full term on 6/9/2016
Appointed to second term on 6/13/2019
Term Expires 6/30/2022

Scott Elliot
Appointed 6/14/2018
First Term
Term Expires 6/30/2021

Amy Landis
Appointed 10/9/2018
First term
Term Expires 6/30/2021

Shelby Dry (Alternate Member)
Term Expires 6/30/2023

Aimee Cain (Alternate Member)
Term Expires 6/30/2023


Historic District Maps

(Maps are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format)

Historic Districts  (1.3MB)

Historic Districts with Zoning  (1.4MB)

north area  (0.8MB)

south area  (0.5MB)



Historic District Handbook

The Historic District Handbook is a guidebook to the Historic Commission, the staff, and citizens concerning implementation of the historic districts in Concord.  The entire handbook can be downloaded.  The links below will jump to the indicated section of the handbook.  




Entire Handbook

All sections combined into one pdf for download

Approval Requirement Needs


Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3

Working with the Commission

Chapter 4

Local Standards

Chapter 5 Section 1

New Construction

Chapter 5 Section 2

New Addition Construction

Chapter 5 Section 3

New Accessory Struction Construction

Chapter 5 Section 4


Chapter 5 Section 5


Chapter 5 Section 6


Chapter 5 Section 7


Chapter 5 Section 8

Landscaping and Trees

Chapter 5 Section 9

Fences and Walls

Chapter 5 Section 10

Driveways Walkways and Parking

Chapter 5 Section 11

Lighting and Transformers

Chapter 5 Section 12

Mechanical and Incidental Equipment

Chapter 5 Section 13


Chapter 5 Section 14

Housing Code

Appendix A

Secretary of Interior Standards

Appendix B

Tree Maintenance

Appendix C


Historic District Handbook