Neighborhood Program

Neighborhood Program Overview

Partnership for Stronger Neighborhoods is a program designed to build relationships with established neighborhood organizations in an effort to enhance the quality of life in the City. Through this program, neighborhood organizations become officially recognized by the City Council and commit to collaborate with City staff to identify solutions to community issues, share information, receive information regarding City services, give feedback on public improvement projects, and participate in City sponsored programs and events. By bringing neighbors together and connecting them to services and information while using their input to ensure the City develops an effective response to meet needs of their neighborhood, a greater sense of community and civic duty is fostered and the City is improved. The program has been a key emphasis of the Mayor, City Council, and City staff members since 2000. 

If you have an established neighborhood organization, and your neighborhood association members would like to become an officially recognized neighborhood, simply complete the application and submit it via email or mail it to the Community Outreach Coordinator.

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Neighborhood Recognition

Neighborhood recognition happens once an application is submitted to staff and then reviewed and approved by the City Council. This formally recognizes the neighborhood group’s commitment to partner with the City to work to enhance the quality of life in the City. Neighborhoods seeking recognition must meet the following criteria:

  1. The Neighborhood Organization must occupy a geographically distinct and specific area that is within the City of Concord.
  2. The Neighborhood Organization must have a Board of Directors and/or Officers elected by its general membership and must have a defined schedule where a general election is held to elect its board of directors and/or officers.
  3. The Neighborhood Organization must have a current written set of bylaws approved by its membership. These bylaws should define the group’s boundaries, membership, role of the elected board, processes for holding meetings and elections, voting, committees, and amendments to the document.
  4. The Neighborhood Organization must host at least one general membership meeting annually.
  5. The Neighborhood Organization must be open to anyone who lives or owns property in the neighborhood regardless of race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, or physical and mental disability.

If you have an established neighborhood organization, and your neighborhood association members would like to become an officially recognized neighborhood, simply complete an application and submit it via email or mail it to the Community Outreach Coordinator.

Creating a Neighborhood Organization

A neighborhood association can be started by developing a core group of three or four neighbors interested in organizing. The City's Community Outreach Coordinator is available to help your core group. Once you're group is ready to start organizing follow these steps to have your neighborhood association recognized as a formal organization with the City's Neighborhood Program. There are a few easy steps:

  1. Conduct organizational meetings with your neighbors
  2. Create by-laws and elect officers
  3. Establish a meeting schedule
  4. Define neighborhood boundaries
  5. Develop a list of neighborhood goals
  6. Complete an application form
  7. Attend a City Council meeting for formal recognition and acceptance into the program

Community Meeting Rooms (Waiver of Public Facility Use Fee)

Fire Stations 7, 8 and 9 have community rooms that are available for use for meetings, birthday parties, homeowner association meetings or many other gatherings. Recognized neighborhood associations have the option of holding their official association meetings at any City of Concord Community Rooms at no cost. Reservations are required and are taken in calendar year of use (January 1-December 31). Visit Departments/Parks-Recreation/ Facilities/Facilities-Rental-Information for more information on how to make a reservation.

Neighborhood Liaison

Every recognized neighborhood has a liaison - a city staff member who is appointed by the City Manager to work with residents in the neighborhood be responsible for and accountable to recognized neighborhoods in a specific geographic area of the City.

Neighborhood liaisons regularly attend community association meetings to listen and respond to neighborhood concerns that can be addressed through City services and resources. They also work to ensure that the neighborhood receives the best customer service from the City and are a valuable source of information about city events and activities.

Find out who your neighborhood liaison is by viewing the Neighborhood Area Map

A quarterly meeting of the neighborhood leaders from the City’s Recognized neighborhood organizations. The NLC meetings are an open forum where neighborhood leaders come together to share experiences, exchange information, and have access to focused leadership training. The meetings are open to neighborhood leaders from each of the City’s officially recognized neighborhood organizations. In most cases this is the neighborhood association chair or president, although the meetings are open to any other member. Recognized neighborhood organizations are encouraged to designate at least two (2) active members to serve as its NLC representative.

The next NLC meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. on March 11, 2019 at City Hall Council Chambers (35 Cabarrus Ave West). Come network and learn from other neighborhood leaders.

Neighborhood Partnership Awards

The Neighborhood Partnership Awards Program provides an excellent opportunity for Concord’s neighbors to celebrate the hard work and dedication of neighbors and partnering community groups. Through this program, neighborhoods will recognize an individual or a community group who has provided outstanding service, leadership, and/or a significant act of kindness. The individuals or group recognized will have demonstrated work over the past year that has significantly impacted their neighbors and contributed to increasing the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Each year, the City will invite all active recolonized neighborhood organizations to nominate one individual or one community group to be honored during a recognition event in December. During the meeting, we will recognize that honoree and present them with a certificate of appreciation. We will also publish the names and a group photo of those recognized in the City Circular Magazine, the neighborhood newsletter, and on the program website. This acknowledgement will hopefully inspire others toward civic actions that will also have a positive impact towards elevating the quality of life in our city

Neighborhood leaders should submit nominations by Monday November 12, 2018. Simply complete the nomination form or send an email which includes a description of the nominee and why they are worthy of recognition to


Monthly newsletter sent to neighborhood leaders, police, public officials, code enforcement officers, liaisons, and other interested partners to inform them of neighborhood meetings, and upcoming community events, program, and services. Click on the links below to read the recently published newsletters.

Neighborhood Improvement

Concord residents are active participants in neighborhood improvement. The City provides many opportunities for residents to invest and improve their community:

Neighborhood Match Program: Recognized Neighborhoods who have participated in the Neighborhood Program for at least one year are eligible to apply for up to $3,000 in grant funds to complete projects that improves the neighborhood physically or addresses a need through active involvement of the neighborhood residents themselves. Neighborhood organizations must match the funds awarded by the City of Concord with contributions of volunteer time, cash or in-kind donations of goods and services.

Neighborhood Cleanups - Biannual Litter Sweep: Every spring and fall neighborhoods in partnership with the city to collect litter along the City’s roadsides. Supplies are provided by the city. Neighborhoods also have the opportunity for to receive awards.

Neighborhood Street Sign Toppers Program - This program is designed to help build stronger neighborhoods by enhancing their visibility through the placement of identification sign toppers at prominent intersections within the neighborhoods boundaries. The toppers are available to recognized neighborhoods at a cost of $37 per topper. Click here for the application form and data sheet.

Code Enforcement
Each of the City’s Code/Zoning Enforcement Officers are assigned to areas within the City and work directly with neighborhoods to solve problems related to minimum housing code and zoning regulations. Please click here to view a map of Code Enforcement Areas. For general zoning information, please call the Plan Review Service Center at 704-920-5152.

Improved Solid Waste Routes - The City of Concord will implement an improved solid waste collection route system in May of this year, following the approval of a new route concept by City Council in January. The City of Concord provides curbside collection of garbage and yard waste each week, and every-other-week collection of recycling and bulky waste.



Movies in a Box Program
The Movies in a Box Program is an engagement initiative designed to encourage recognized neighborhoods to host an outdoor family friendly movie night with neighbors in an effort to foster increased connections among neighbors. The City provides equipment needed such as the screen, projector, speakers, microphone, DVD/Blue Ray player, etc. For full details click here.

Concord 101
Through this eleven-week course, residents learn about each of the City’s departments and services. Please click here to link to additional information and an application form.

Neighborhood Partnership Awards Program
Each year, active recognized neighborhoods will be invited to nominate one individual or group to be honored during a recognition event to be held in December. This acknowledgement will hopefully inspire others toward civic actions that will have a positive impact towards elevating the quality of life in our city. Make your nomination for the 2020 program year.

National Night Out
National Night Out is celebrated internationally every year on the first Tuesday of August. Neighborhoods are also encouraged to plan their own neighborhood events on National Night Out. If you are interested in additional information, please contact Police Sgt. Christopher Friguglietti - at 704-920-5063. To learn more about the National Night Out program, visit the website for the National Association of Town Watch.

Christmas Parade
The City provides a professionally decorated float for neighborhood representatives to ride every year during the Annual Concord Christmas Parade. Each neighborhood organization is asked to send at least one representative to participate in the annual parade.

Automated Phone Messaging Services
Recognized Neighborhoods are welcomed to use the City’s Blackboard System, which is an automated phone messaging system to send prerecorded phone call messages or text messages to notify or remind members of upcoming meetings and events.




For more info, contact:
Community Outreach Coordinator