Historic Preservation Plan

The City of Concord is currently engaged in a planning effort to examine the future of Historic Preservation in Concord. This effort seeks to align community interests with objective analysis of historic resources.

The stated purposes of the project are:

  • to define a vision and goals for the future of historic preservation in the City,
  • to define a system of prioritization and strategies to protect our historic resources,
  • to define means and methods to encourage historic preservation in Concord,
  • to determine the need for a new survey of historic resources, both within and outside the current districts,
  • and to develop a plan for the possible expansion of the City’s historic preservation districts

In addition, the plan has objectives of increasing awareness of and education about the City’s historic resources for constituents and community members, developing new and active local and regional partnerships in the historic preservation field, increasing engagement with local citizens on the topic of historic preservation, and increasing investment in local historic properties.


Please check back periodically for project updates.






Press Release This press release provides full background on the project and upcoming work. Additional releases will follow with information about the architectural and public engagement surveys.   
Background Presentation This presentation clarifies some historic preservation tools and strategies and vocabulary. Recommended reading prior to completing citizen engagement survey.   
Background Handout Background and links on historic preservation tools and strategies.   



Below are some examples of potential historic properties outside of the Historic Districts in the City of Concord.

Historic resources can be found throughout our community, and the Preservation Plan will be an important step in documenting historic properties outside our existing districts and developing strategies for future preservation efforts.


Staff Contact

Scott Sherrill
Senior Planner


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Map of Historic Resources - North Carolina Historic Preservation Office