2019 City of Concord Youth Council Executive Board: President, Kelsey Mosshart; Vice President, Javon Davis; Secretary, Nandika Komirisetti; Finance Chair, Akhilesh Shivaramakrishnan; Program/Mentor Chair, Christyna Reagan; Social Chair, Shania Mastan. 

Advisors are Taylor Morris, Parks & Recreation Program Supervisor, Montana Maurer, Parks & Recreation Program Specialist, Daryl Cherry, Parks & Recreation Athletic Specialist, Melissa Archer, Parks & Recreation Administrative Assistant & Martha Hagood, Parks & Recreation Recreation Center Supervisor


Ongoing Service Project

"THESE HANDS DON'T HURT" - Domestic Violence Prevention

January, 2019 our group was approached by Mecklenburg County's Prevention and Intervention Services with a grant opportunity to create and present a project or event to demonstrate acts against domestic violence. Executive Board members and peers developed the theme, "These Hands Don't Hurt" to be a clear act of hand print painting to protest domestic abuse and violence. A mural was developed and utilized for event goers at the Spring Into Arts Festival and YC Service Recognition to place their hands on the piece. Flyers of information pertaining to local resources for domestic violence were also shared and continue to be released. The mural will be displayed in schools and businesses throughout the community on a rotating basis. More projects to come as "These Hands Don't Hurt" spreads throughout our area.



Summer 2019

Just Eat It Mini Camps

Taking Whisks: We whisked it up good, mastering the art of the stovetop! Volunteers assisted participants in the kitchen as they whisked all kinds of tasty treats up. Volunteers: Riya, Javon, Abel, Seka & Piper 

Life's What You Bake It: This was no regular bake-off, it was three days of tasty fun! Volunteers assisted the participants and instructor through recipes, general kitchen etiquette and of course some taste testing. Volunteers: Piper, Kylie, Kelsey, Meera & Shayna

Gone Day Camping Mini Camp

This 3 day mini camp was a mixture of outdoor fun, arts & crafts and a few s'mores eaten along the way. Volunteers experienced a morning in the woods assisting campers with camping routines, outdoor exploration and fun survival activities. Volunteers: Brant, Bleu & Jayla


Volunteers assisted participants collect and collaborate natural items into masterpieces of themed art. Each member joined the group along a hike and exploration for great outdoor materials. Volunteers: Thelen & Kelsey

Silly Summer Days

Gettin' silly in the park! These activities were all about pure fun! Volunteers ran, jumped and played along with participants in a series of activities surrounding bubbles, the "big freeze" and space-related games. Volunteers: Riya, Sanjana & Nandika

Bonjour, Ciao, Yassou or Hello! Mini Camp

Filling passports as we traveled around the globe, volunteers assisted with food preparations, crafts and cultural games. Each volunteer led activities and told cultural stories to advance the experience of the traveling participants. Volunteers: Jayla, Riya, Kelsey, Thelen & Anna


Water You Doing? Water, water, everywhere! Volunteers splished and splashed away with bubbles and water toys leading toddlers in wet and wild activities. Volunteers: Jayla & Christyna

Vitamin Sea: Pretending we were at the beach, we soaked up the sun and plenty of water in our own little seaside scene. Volunteers: Kylie & Riya

Crazy Cooking

Salsa Surprise: Volunteers assisted participants through the cooking process of salsas, chips and quesadillas using homemade tortillas. Volunteers: Kylie, Christyna & Alma

Scrambled Breakfast: Leading participants through mix up of breakfast scrambles and all the fixins'! Volunteers: Seka, Anvitha & Kayla

Streetlight 5K & Frolic

Unfortunately, this year's event was cancelled due to inclement weather.

Camp of Champions Mini Camp

Volunteers assisted in the preparations of challenges, judging performances and participating alongside competitors. Activities included Gaga Dodgeball, Achery Attack and other awesome games! Volunteers: Piper, Javon, Brant, Anna & Dorian

Big Books & Bitty Beauties

As spa assistants our volunteers in three days of pampering  with painting nails, reading books and loads of relaxation activities for toddlers. Volunteers: Kylie & Sanjana

Expressive Art & Music

This specialized program is intended for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our volunteer assisted participants in expressing themselves through different artistic pathways. Volunteer: Dorian

Creative Chaos Mini Camp

3 days of messy mini camp! Volunteers assisted participants activities like splattering paint canvases, paint twister, feet painting and paint bubbles! Volunteers: Christyna, Kylie & Priyanka

Teen Focus Group

Volunteers were requested to participate in a focus group hosted by Cabarrus Health Alliance. Participants were offered information, led through scenarios and asked to give feedback on peer and local concerns. Input was granted to a local study. Volunteers: Akhilesh, Neha B, Jason, Bleu, ROhan, Nandika, Meera, Carlin, Peyton & Josh

Bike Quest Mini Camp

This was a 3 day bicycling min camp stretching across the City's parks and greenways. Volunteers assisted with crafts, ride-along leadership and inspired participants to keep on peddling! Volunteers: Rohan & Campbell



What is Youth Council?

Formally started in 2001. Simply put, the City of Concord Youth Council is a service-oriented organization that is comprised of students attending a public, private or home school within Cabarrus County. Each member serves the community at large attaining leadership skills and responsibilities in the for of programs and community service projects. Participation is based on volunteer hours earned each semester and optionally throughout the summer. 

Why join CYC? Meeting peers from other high schools and backgrounds, gain perspective from your community, get an awesome t-shirt, make great memories and have fun doing it all!

How do you apply? Applications are available on this website January - April for the following school year. Students entering grades 9 thru 11 may apply. Membership is free. Each applicant will interview with the current Executive Board in May. Acceptance and denial letters are sent in June prior to Cabarrus County Schools letting out for the year.

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