Planning & Neighborhood Development

Zoning Services

Reviews residential and commercial zoning permit applications, reviews proposed development (new construction and upfits to existing construction)

 Zoning Permits
 Sign Permits
 Development Ordinance
 Plan Review
 Plan Review Web Access
 Fee Schedule

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Planning Services

Provides guidance for growth, preservation, and development of land.  Administers environmental programs such as floodplain protection.  Processes annexations and zoning cases.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Provides support for the department by implementing geographic information systems, management of the E-911 addressing system, mapping, and statistical data.

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Community Development

Improves the quality of life for the citizens of Concord through affordable housing, fair housing standards, community revitalization, and admistration of HUD block grants.

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The Planning & Neighborhood Development Department is responsible for preparing and administering plans and programs related to residential & commercial development, quality of life, strong neighborhoods, sustainability of the environment, efficient public facilities and services, diverse housing opportunities of high quality, and effective utilization of the area's land resources.