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Planning & Zoning Review Center

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   Fax #:  704-920-6962
   Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.



Zoning Permits

Please fill out an application below to apply for a permit.  Applications may be submitted to our office in person, by fax, or email.  Please sign the application where indicated.


Zoning Applications

Residential Zoning Clearance Permit Application (pdf)
Temporary Use Permit Application (pdf)
Temporary Power Permit (pdf)
Certificate of Compliance Application (pdf)
Special Use Permit Application (pdf)
Zoning Map Amendment Application (pdf)
Land Use Plan Amendment (pdf)
Floodplain Development Application (pdf)
Variance Application (pdf)
Planned Unit Development and Planned Residential Development Rezoning Petition Requirements (pdf)
Grading/Paving/Land Disturbing Application (pdf)


Plan Review Cases

To submit plans for review, fill out the application and submit the required number of printed copies of the plans.


Plan Review Applications

Plan Review Application (pdf)
Upfit Application (pdf)
Plan Review Check List (pdf)
Plan Review - Zoning Clearance Permit Application (pdf)
Final Plat Application (pdf)
Request for Plat Review (pdf)
Preliminary Plat Application (pdf)
Preliminary Application for Extension of Utilities (pdf)
Preliminary Site Plan Approval Application - Over 30,000 Square Feet (pdf)
Request for Street Names (pdf)
Request for Subdivision Name (pdf)


Submissions for New Construction Review

     Please use the Accela on-line access to submit an application and upload files.



Submissions for an Upfit Review

Two (2) sets of printed architectural drawings and a PDF file (on CD or uploaded to our FTP site)



Fees are due after approval of plans




Plan Review Online Submittal and Access - Accela

For help with Accela, call the Help Desk at 704-920-2487.




Upload Plan Review Files (FTP site)

(For older cases only)



Fee Schedule






Maria Brown, Planner

Ashley Hurlocker, Development Services Technician

Greg Neal, Development Services Technician


Development Ordinance

The City of Concord Development Ordinance requires that persons obtain a zoning permit prior to engaging in certain construction or development activities.  Examples include constructing a house or any building, adding a deck to a house, constructing a pool, or an outdoor storage building.  Additionally, businesses need to obtain a permit if they are changing owners or planning to upfit a place of business.

The City of Concord Development Ordinance applies to all areas inside the City of Concord, as well as areas outside the City of Concord that are within the City's Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).  See the Zoning Map to view areas regulated by the City's Development Ordinance.


Building & Construction Permits

Building permits are issued by Cabarrus County Construction Standards Division.  Their phone number is 704-920-2128.

Zoning approval from the City of Concord is required before submitting an a building permit application to Cabarrus County Construction Standards Division.


PDF Documents

The Planning & Neighborhood Development Department's zoning applications, maps, and development ordinance are available in Portable Document Format (PDF).  Downloading and reading these documents requires a free PDF reader software, such as the Adobe Acrobat Reader software.  Click here to learn more about PDF documents, and to download the free Acrobat Reader.