Development Ordinance


City of Concord


Development Ordinance


Concord's zoning ordinance, known as the Concord Development Ordinance, can be accessed below (in pdf format). 

The Technical Standards Manual, also accessible below (as pdf documents), is a component of the Concord Development Ordinance, but contains specific technical details concerning standards for development and construction.


Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free web-browser plugin) is required to open the pdf documents.


Concord Development Ordinance (CDO)
Article 1General Provisions168.50 KB
Article 2Administrative Agencies225.25 KB
Article 3Policy Procedures171.83 KB
Article 4Environmental/Land Disturbing Activities 515.81 KB
Article 5Subdivision Plats, Site Plans and Construction Plans252.06 KB
Article 6Permits and Approval Processes 256.67 KB
Article 7Base Zoning Districts (Including Dimensional Regulations Table)1.10 MB
Article 8Use Regulations (Including Use Table) 1.37 MB
Article 9Special Purpose and Overlay Districts3.20 MB
Article 10Development and Design Standards 496.77 KB
Article 11Landscaping and Buffering 482.13 KB
Article 12Sign Standards [updated 11/10/2016]515.49 KB
Article 13Nonconformities & Vested Rights133.38 KB
Article 14Definitions680.31 KB
Technical Standards Manual
Table of Contents 160.93 KB
Article 1Stormwater10.61 MB
Article 2Streets and Pedestrian Pathways992.56 KB
Article 3Driveways1,010.61 KB
Article 4Waste Water Collection System160.92 KB
Article 5Water Resources160.90 KB
Article 6Electric1.80 MB
Article 7Landscaping403.34 KB