2030 Land Use Plan


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The draft of the 2030 Land Use Plan was introduced on October 10 and a video of the presentation is available below (click here for more details)

Draft Land Use Plan Maps (click links to view PDF maps)

Growth Concept Map - Draft

Existing and Future Land Use Downtown Concord - Draft

Future Land Use Map Citywide - Draft

The City of Concord kicked off the Land Use Plan update process in late January 2017.

With the assistance of Tindale Oliver, the resulting Land Use Plan will provide the vision and framework for land use and development through the year 2030. The existing Land Use Plan, referred to as the 2015 Land Use Plan, was created in 2004 and updated in 2007.

The process will help the City create a land use map and a plan document that will contain data, specific goals, and policy recommendations focused on land use and development. The plan will also guide City officials as they develop future budgets, plan infrastructure and other services, make important land use decisions, and revise current policies within the Concord Development Ordinance.

The 2030 Land Use Plan will be an official statement by the City of its vision, intentions, goals, objectives, and strategies for future land use development. The area to be studied includes land within the City’s current boundaries, as well as areas outside the City limits that could be annexed in the future.

Development of a successful plan will require active community engagement to ensure that the final product reflects the vision and values of all residents of Concord.  With the assistance of the consultant, Tindale Oliver, the City conducted the first series of public involvement workshops on February 28 and March 1.  Additional ways for the public to participate will be announced soon.

For example, a second series of public involvement sessions will follow in the coming months to give citizens an opportunity to review the draft 2030 LUP and provide additional input before the plan is finalized.  Additionally, it is anticipated that public hearings on the recommended plan will be held at Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council meetings in the late summer or fall time frame.

For more information, call the Planning and Neighborhood Development Department at 704-920-5127.









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