Concord Pkwy (US 29) / Roberta Church Road

The Concord Parkway/Roberta Church Road Small Area Plan was create in 2005 to identify a land use pattern for 780 acres of largely undeveloped land, and to recommend an alignment of the George W. Liles Parkway extension, especially at the Roberta Church Rd intersection with U.S. Hwy 29 (Concord Parkway S).  The plan's four key areas of vision are:

A suggested and proposed alignment for the George W. Liles Parkway extension.  This vision includes a wide median planted with trees and also containing multi-use paths on both sides of the parkway.

The plan reserves locations for key civic structures including a school and a fire station.  It also recommends the extension of a green-way along the Coddle Creek floodplain as well as the preservation of key open spaces throughout the area.

The plan establishes the location of major activity centers.  For example, a neighborhood center may by anchored by a grocery store or a large specialty retailer.  The plan recommends that any development be organized as an urban, pedestrian-friendly campus utilizing a grand boulevard concept.

The plan recommends creation of new zoning districts and design standards that are keyed specifically to this overall concept.  These standards would help ensure a high level of quality for future development in terms of both design and environmental sustainability. 

This plan has been officially made a part of the Concord Land Use Plan.


Concord Pkwy (US Hwy 29) / Roberta Church Rd Small Area Plan

Plan (63 MB pdf document)

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Time line of plan 
Contract awarded to consultant June 2004
Workshops November 29, 2004 - December 6, 2004
Adopted by City Council August 11, 2005
Made a part of Concord Land Use Plan May 10, 2007