Federal Grant Programs



The primary objective of the CDBG Program is the development of viable urban communities. These viable communities are achieved by providing the following, primarily for persons of low- and moderate-income: (1) a suitable living environment, (2) decent affordable housing; and, (3) expanded economic opportunities.

CDBG funds can be used for a wide range of activities, including housing rehabilitation, demolition and clearance of deteriorated structures, property acquisition, economic development, public improvements/infrastructure and services. Activities are restricted to Concord's city limits.  The CDBG entitlement amount for FY 2019-2020 is $633,508.  

Public Service Agency Assistance

Each year the City sets aside between 10% and 12% of its annual CDBG allocation for eligible non-profits that provide supportive or human services assistance.  Among the organizations that receive assistance are Cabarrus Meals on Wheels, Cooperative Christian Ministry, and Prosperity Unlimited, Inc.



Cabarrus/Iredell/Rowan HOME Consortium

The Cabarrus/Iredell/Rowan HOME Consortium was formed in 1996 for the purpose of cooperatively providing safe, decent and affordable housing to low and moderate income citizens living in eight local governments:  City of Concord, Cabarrus County, Iredell County, City of Kannapolis, Town of Mooresville, City of Salisbury, City of Statesville, and Rowan County. There are also three community housing development organizations (CHDOs) which are part of the consortium.  The City of Concord acts as lead entity of the Cabarrus/Iredell/Rowan HOME Consortium and is authorized to request, submit and receive HOME funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on their behalf. The City distributes funds to consortium members, manages the program, and ensures regulatory compliance. The HOME entitlement amount for FY 2019-2020 is $1,206,157, of which $191,752 is allocated to the City of Concord.

Eligible activities include the construction of affordable single-family and rental housing, property acquisition, the purchase/rehab/resale of affordable housing and down payment assistance for low- and moderate-income, first-time homebuyers.

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For more information about these programs, contact Pepper Bego at begop@concordnc.gov or 704-920-5133.

To link to HUD’s website, click here: www.hud.gov