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Derita Road Widening Project to Begin in April

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

From Independent Tribune Article 3/14/17

CONCORD- Driving around Concord Mills and Concord Regional Airport will soon be more efficient, thanks to a $19.4 million contract awarded by the Department of Transportation.
The two-phase project will widen Derita Road from two to four lanes, between north of Concord Mills Boulevard and Poplar Tent Road, approximately 2.4 miles.

The first phase will widen the road between Poplar Tent Road and Aviation Boulevard and the second phase will extend the widening to Concord Mills Boulevard. The second phase will also include replacing the existing bridge over Rocky River.

The contract was awarded to Blythe Development Co. of Charlotte. Work can start as soon as April 1, with a substantial completion date of Nov. 1, 2019. The remaining vegetation and landscaping operations should be complete by April 29, 2020.


City of Concord works to manage airport growth

Monday, November 7, 2016

City of Concord works to manage airport growth


CONCORD, N.C. - The Concord Regional Airport is on pace to hit close to 200,000 passengers in 2017.

Bargain airlines, such as Allegiant, keep adding flights and the convenience of a small airport is attracting more customers, including Erika Vaughn.

This is where Vaughn picks up her mom arriving from Florida.

"This airport is easy to get to, it's easy to pick her up; so it's just it's just made our life a lot easier for her visits," she said.

Despite a brand new parking deck, parking is still an issue with cars sometimes lining nearby streets.

The new parking deck has 700 spaces, but the airport director said that instead of parking here, drivers picking up passengers are stopping along Zephyr Place creating congestion.

That's why the city is voting this week to add 'no parking' signs along Zephyr Place.

"We’re managing that growth every day. I think we want to make sure that we grow in the right directions," Rick Cloutier, City of Concord’s aviation director said.

Growth also includes a new cellphone lot now under construction right now.

Even though the cellphone lot isn't ready yet, airport officials said it will be affordable and convenient.

"You can park here. There’s long term parking, short term parking, even for people picking up and dropping off. One hour is free," Cloutier said.

Parking will only get worse with the holiday travel season approaching.

For November, there are 65 commercial flights expected at Concord Regional per week; that number will increase to 71 per week in December.


Mouse ears on, ready to fly for Florida-bound passengers at new Concord terminal

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Mickey Mouse ears, inflated toy airplanes and balloons were the standard decorations for the official opening this morning of Concord Regional Airport’s new $12.6 million terminal and parking deck.

All the decorations, festivities and food took some of those arriving for the 9 a.m. Allegiant Air flight to Orlando, Fla., aback as Concord celebrated the first departure from the new terminal.

Two children with Mickey Mouse ears seemed to enjoy the event, though.

Allegiant (NASDAQ: ALGT), an ultra-low-cost airline based in Las Vegas, began flights from Concord Regional in December 2013 with twice-weekly service to Orlando, offering a $99 round-trip fare. Allegiant links small cities to key leisure destinations around the country.

Until now, passengers were routed through a metal aircraft hangar that was converted to a passenger terminal.

Now the airline offers 10 flights a week from Concord to four Florida destinations: Orlando, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Fort Lauderdale and Fort Myers.

On Nov. 18, Allegiant begins three-times-a-week service to New Orleans from Concord.

Allegiant officials also say the airline may add new flights to existing destinations and perhaps add some new destinations from Concord Regional.

Ken Elkins covers manufacturing, international business and economic development for the Charlotte Business Journal.

Airline thrills school staff at Wolf Meadow Elementary School

Monday, August 1, 2016

CONCORD — When Tammy Irvin learned the news that she and the rest of the staff of Wolf Meadow Elementary School were receiving free round-trip tickets to Florida from Allegiant Air, she immediately shrieked for joy and jumped up onto her chair in excitement.

“I didn’t believe it,” said Irvin, the kindergarten lead teacher at Wolf Meadow Elementary School. “We’ve got $50 Walmart cards in the past, but nothing of this magnitude.”

Allegiant Air officials visited the Wolf Meadow on Thursday and gave vouchers to the school’s roughly 100 staff members. The vouchers are valued at $200 each, with Allegiant giving away about $20,000 worth of flights.

Thursday’s giveaway is part of Allegiant’s ongoing $1 Million Summer promotion in which the company is giving away $1 million in airfare throughout the summer.

Brandon Myers, with Allegiant, said they chose Wolf Meadow Elementary School as a recipient of the giveaway after reading in the Independent Tribune about how Wolf Meadow is currently the only year- round school operating in Cabarrus County.

“It’s the first year the school is going year round, so I thought it’d be a good idea to come out here and surprise the entire staff, thank them for their hard work they’ve been doing,” Myers said. “I did not expect them to jump up on the table and scream like that. Usually folks get excited about free flights, but that was certainly a reaction I didn’t expect, but it was awesome to see.”

The school’s staff started earlier than other schools in the area, on July 14 and students returning July 20, after ending last school year on June 10. Other schools in Cabarrus County go back to school on Aug. 29. This is the first year of Wolf Meadow’s year-round schedule.

“There is not enough ways we can spoil our teachers,” said Dr. Adam Auerbach, principal at Wolf Meadow Elementary School. “They are underpaid, overworked — this staff was selfless. They gave up their summer to come back early for the kids, so it’s great to see them rewarded for what they do every day by a company that’s going to give 100 people roundtrip airfare.”

The round trip tickets are for flights out of Concord Regional Airport with Allegiant’s current service from Concord including nonstop flights to three destinations in Florida: Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa / St. Pete.

About Allegiant Air

In October, Allegiant will add Punta Gorda Airport to their destinations.

Allegiant Air’s expansion comes thanks to the City of Concord working to develop the Concord Regional Airport for more airline services.

Concord Regional Airport officials are constructing a $6.5 million terminal that will be roughly 32,000 square feet. About 90 percent of the construction cost will be paid with federal funding and the rest will be split between state funding and the City of Concord. Concord’s portion looks to be about $325,000, according to Concord Regional Airport Director Rick Cloutier, Officials should start using the terminal by September.

Officials are also working on a $5.7 million parking deck with 700 parking spaces. The construction of the parking deck will be funded by the City of Concord, in order to charge parking fees and generate revenue. City council still has to vote on the parking fee structure, but Cloutier said the fees look to run $4 a day for uncovered parking and $5 a day for covered parking.

Allegiant Air is currently the only commercial airline service operating out of Concord, and the airport can handle about 10 flights a week.

But the construction of the new terminal and parking deck — which look to be in operation by September — will allow the airport to offer up to about 30 flights a week. The increase could generate another $20 to $30 million a year in economic impact, Cloutier said. Currently, the Concord Regional Airport’s economic impact on the region is about $200 million.

Allegiant alone has had a huge impact on Concord Regional Airport already. From December 2013 to about May 2016, Allegiant has served more than 200,000 customers through Concord Regional Airport.

Cloutier was also attended Wolf Meadow on Thursday, helping pass out the vouchers to the teachers who will now be able to fly with Allegiant for free from Concord Regional Airport.