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NC Green Power


Help NC GreenPower protect your environment.

NC GreenPower is an independent, nonprofit program working to provide more green power from renewable energy sources to North Carolina. Green power is a cleaner energy alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Using renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and organic matter is the best way to protect the environment now and ensure adequate energy supply for the future.

Approved by the N.C. Utilities Commission, NC GreenPower is the nation’s first statewide multi-utility initiative to encourage the development of cleaner, renewable energy resources. Voluntary contributions from North Carolina citizens like you will add more renewable energy to North Carolina's power supply. Learn more at

You have the power to make a difference.

For as little as $4 a month, you can help NC GreenPower build up the supply of green energy. Your $4 contribution each month will add one block of 100 kilowatt-hours of green power to the North Carolina power grid.

For your convenience, your voluntary contribution will be added to your monthly electric bill. To help NC GreenPower keep administrative costs low, electric utilities around the state have volunteered to collect contributions and send the entire amount directly to NC GreenPower.

Large-volume power users can also support NC GreenPower.  They may contribute toward 100 or more blocks of green power at only $2.50 per block. A different mix of renewable energy will be used.

Find out more about NC GreenPower

It’s easy to keep in touch with NC GreenPower and to learn more about the program and how you can make a difference. Sign up today for the free quarterly NC GreenPower electronic newsletter or read the latest edition online.

The NC GreenPower Speakers Bureau is another way to keep yourself and your group in touch with the program and how to participate. Speakers are located across the state and would welcome the opportunity to speak to your organization or group. The service is free and is available to anyone by contacting the .

Sign up today

Simply print out and complete this Application Form, and return it with your bill payment.

Or, contact:

Larry Bradley
City of Concord
Education Specialist
Electric Systems Department
P.O. Box 308
Concord, NC 28026-0308
Office: 704-920-5328
Fax: 704-792-2552




Director of Concord Electric Systems
(704) 920-5301

Deputy Director of Electric Systems
(704) 920-5304

David A. Dobbins
Electrical Engineering Manager
(704) 920-5303

Supervisor, Electric Metering Systems
(704) 920-5316

Electric Overhead Operations Coordinator
(704) 920-5306

Electric Underground Operations Coordinator
(704) 920-5305

Jessica Viera-Atwell, GISP
Supervisor, GIS
(704) 920-5307

David Chandler
Special Projects Manager
(704) 920-5311

Coordinator, Substation Maint., SCADA and Peak Generation
(704) 920-5318

Brandon Moose
Safety Coordinator
(704) 920-5328